Guide to Holt-Howard Pixieware: Prices and the est tips

Holt-Howard Pixieware Collection Mid-Century Modern
Holt-Howard Pixieware Collection

There are remarkable individuals with a golden touch, turning everything they touch into treasure, and Holt-Howard was one such person. He didn’t just dabble in pixieware; he made it famous. Pixieware is a unique ceramic pottery that has enchanted collectors and vintage enthusiasts worldwide. Owning such pieces, you’ll appreciate their immense value. Holt-Howard’s creations remain sought-after today, with soaring prices. What makes pixieware so appealing, and how can you begin collecting Holt Howard’s masterpieces? Explore our price guide and collector tips to learn more!

Collecting vintage Mid-Century modern kitsch ceramics offers unmatched enjoyment. At Crazy4Me, we’re passionate about vintage and kitsch and have curated exceptional Holt-Howard and pixieware pieces from the past six decades. For both experienced collectors and beginners, these items add delight and whimsy to any collection. Dive in and experience the magic—we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Vintage Napco Onion and Ketchup Pixieware Condiment Jars
Vintage Napco Onion and Ketchup Pixieware Condiment Jars
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