Mid-Century Magic: The Best Treasures at Midway Antique Mall

Mid-Century Modern Furniture
Mid-Century Modern Furniture

The weekend was wonderful, but the true highlight was the delightful day-trip my husband and I took to Sacramento. We journeyed a few hours each way to visit our much-loved Midway Antique Mall – a real mid-century treasure trove! The summer sun was in full swing that day, the car dashboard recorded over 100 degrees outside. Quite the scorcher, indeed!

Yasmina Greco - Mid-Century Tiki Dress
Yasmina Greco – Mid-Century Tiki Dress

As any mid-century enthusiast would understand, choosing the right outfit was a challenge! But keeping in mind the vibrant, tropical heart of summer, I decided to add a little Tiki charm to my ensemble by Lady Voluptuous. You can view pics my other Lady Voluptuous dresses here, here, and here.

Our arrival at the mall was greeted with the usual excitement – I simply adore this place! Midway Antique Mall is a unique place where the past is perfectly preserved. Their showrooms are organized like living spaces straight out of the 50s and 60s, complete with authentic furniture from the era available for purchase. The mall houses multiple dealers, making it a dream destination if you’re on the hunt for mid-century accents and collectibles.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture
Mid-Century Modern Furniture
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Midway Antique Mall – Atomic, Eames Era, Mid-Century Modern Galore

Over the holiday weekend we decided to take a drive out to Sacramento, CA. When I researched Sacramento I found ‘Midway Antique Mall’ which is a multi-dealer mall and specializes in Eames Era and 1950s merchandise and collectibles. Also, there is ‘57th Street Antiques Row’ which is multiple shops and malls on 57th Street in Sacramento. So, there was sure to be plenty of looking and shopping to keep us busy.

The drive was over 2 hours and traffic was heavy. When we approached Sacramento the sky had a brown tint and the smell of smoke was thick, there was a fire burning somewhere and by the looks of the sky and the smell, it was a big fire. It was a hot day too, by the time we arrived it was over 95 degrees!

Yasmina Greco Crazy4Me

We pulled up into the parking of Midway Antique Mall and there were lots of cars. We walked through the front door and were transported directly to 1960! OUTSTANDING! The first 4,000 sqft or so of this mall is all 1950s and 1960s rooms ranging from multiple setup rooms of living and dining rooms, a dentist office, bedroom and kitchens. Check out these amazing pictures that my husband took.

This mall is clean and well lit. Lots and lots of glass cases and booths that have vintage cameras, kitchen items, paintings, clocks, books, stamps, Holt Howard items and pixieware, vintage clothing and dressing rooms to try on the items, and lots of 1950s and 1960s poodles along with lovely linens.

Yasmina Greco Crazy4Me

The staff at this mall are so friendly and knowledgeable and a dealer named Kevin helped us the entire 3 hours we were there. As we were up at the register, Mark, the owner was ringing us up and packing our items with great care and he was so nice and friendly and told us stories about his 2 Yorkie dogs and how photo shoots take place in his mall and lots of magazine and TV shows have photographed and filmed at the mall because of all the neat and fabulous rooms and items. It has been a very, very, long time since I was in an antique mall and had such a blast! Even if we hadn’t bought a few boxes of items to take back to town with us, the shear experience of walking around the mall and seeing all the 1950s and 1960s rooms that were setup was such a thrill!!  We will certainly be back!!

Yasmina Greco Tiki Pinup

I wore my fun 1950s turquoise blue tiki Pinup dress and thought I fit right into this dynamite destination with all the chrome dinette sets and fabulous mid-century dinnerware.

My sweet husband Gary took these outstanding pictures and captured such a fun day for us.



Mid-Century Galore at Midway Antique Mall

One of my all time favorite antique malls in California has got to be Midway Antique Mall in Sacramento. We took a drive out this past weekend and enjoyed ourselves very much with a ‘walk back in time’ at the mall. What we love about this mall is that they have created or shall I say re-created the rooms and lifestyles of the 1950s-1960s. The mall is over 30,000 sqft so there is a lot to too look at from Mid-Century, Antique, Vintage, and Collectibles.

Here are some pictures my husband took of some of out favorite rooms and finds at the mall. This neat tv caught my eye and it is a very rare 1959 Philco ‘Predicta’ that has been completely restored and can be hooked up to a DVD, VCR, AT&T, Comcast, Dish etc… Have all the ‘style and charm’ of an original 1959 Predicta with the conveniences of today’s tv watching. I know we will be kicking ourselves for not bringing it home as I can’t stop thinking about.



Mid-Century Modern Christmas at Midway Antique Mall

 photo 3 MOLDs

This past weekend we took a drive to Sacramento to one of our favorite antique malls ‘Midway Antique Mall’.  This is the mall that has such amazing mid-century modern rooms….yes, actually rooms that have been styled just like they were in the 50s/60s. You have a few kitchens, living rooms, lounges, waiting rooms from the 50s/60s and more. It is so cool! Nice to see a lot of the rooms had been ‘sold’ and new ones were being setup.

I was hoping to find some great vintage Christmas but there wasn’t much on this trip so, either it already all sold, or, there just wasn’t much put out. There was one booth that was full of vintage yard ornaments blow molds and some decorative ornaments too.



My favorite find was this cart! It was my husband that pointed it out. I have been hunting for a blue vintage 50s/60s cart for a long time. Also found some vintage Christmas towels, a lovely Napco umbrella girl, a light-up vintage Christmas tree topper, an adorable vintage Christmas reindeer ashtray,  and a teal clock. The cart is by far my favorite find and it is already getting much use housing our printers!!



Midcentury Modern Madness

With the long holiday weekend, we drove over to Sacramento to go to one of our all time favorite antique malls ‘Midway Antique Mall’. It’s almost like a day-trip to Disneyland for us. If you want to experience stepping back in time to the ‘good old days’ then this place will not disappoint. The mall has that total ‘Midcentury Modern – Eames Era’ vibe with specific ‘rooms’ setup as if you were in someone’s house from the 1950s-1960s. On this visit we found a neat Tiki Room with bar and barckcloth and lots of tiki mugs. Vintage kitchens, lots of those fantastic Formica kitchen-dining sets, and of course living rooms, offices, and more.

We ended up with some awesome finds – a vintage turquoise blue canister set in that awesome lustroware material that is in remarkable condition and the owner shared with us that if we wanted to actually use these in our kitchen (he and his wife use everything they acquire) we could, and to do so he advised putting our coffe/tea in plastic bags into the canisters and that way they would not get stained. We also found some vintage fish wall plaques by Lefton and Ceramicraft, and these neat “stretch” kitty cat salt and pepper shakers. I am still searching for either a turquoise Formica dining set, a hot pink Formica dining set or a turquoise/pink combo colored Formica dining set.

Hope you are all having a nice long weekend filled with lots of good antiquing and junking!!