Mid-Century Modern Christmas at Midway Antique Mall

 photo 3 MOLDs

This past weekend we took a drive to Sacramento to one of our favorite antique malls ‘Midway Antique Mall’.  This is the mall that has such amazing mid-century modern rooms….yes, actually rooms that have been styled just like they were in the 50s/60s. You have a few kitchens, living rooms, lounges, waiting rooms from the 50s/60s and more. It is so cool! Nice to see a lot of the rooms had been ‘sold’ and new ones were being setup.

I was hoping to find some great vintage Christmas but there wasn’t much on this trip so, either it already all sold, or, there just wasn’t much put out. There was one booth that was full of vintage yard ornaments blow molds and some decorative ornaments too.



My favorite find was this cart! It was my husband that pointed it out. I have been hunting for a blue vintage 50s/60s cart for a long time. Also found some vintage Christmas towels, a lovely Napco umbrella girl, a light-up vintage Christmas tree topper, an adorable vintage Christmas reindeer ashtray,  and a teal clock. The cart is by far my favorite find and it is already getting much use housing our printers!!