Summer Estate Sale Finds: Turkeys, Mermaids and Needlepoint

Summer is in full swing and hot too! Lots of yard sales and flea markets happening this time of year. Finding good buys is always a challenge and that is what makes it fun. We went out for a bit this morning and wound up at a estate sale. The sale was just a couple miles from our house and when we pulled up the there were hardly any cars. The sale started Thursday so we really didn’t expect much and honestly, I was curious to see what the house looked like as the neighborhood is all “vintage cottages” with white picket fences…really cute. We walked inside and a couple ladies greeted us. We walked around and looked in each room. Lots and lots of books! Everywhere were bookshelves stuffed with books. There still quite a bit of stuff for sale. I could see the house needed a complete re-model from top to bottom!  Any way, we ended finding some cute needlepoint lampshades, a vintage Napco Turkey Thanksgiving set and some vintage 1950s Mermaids made by Freeman McFarlin. Freeman McFarlin is one of the original “California Potters” and had the factory in Elmonte, California. What kind if sales and great finds are you all finding this summer?