Pinup, Vintage, Mid-Century with Contemporary Flare: Inretrospect and Vintage Galleria Review

InRetroSpect Long Beach

If you haven’t made it to ‘Retro Row’ in Long Beach, CA, yet, put it on your list!! We had an opportunity recently to spend a little time in Long Beach, CA, and wow, it is a fun, hip and retro little SoCal beach town. Home to the famous Queen Mary, Long Beach has a ton of culture, art, great restaurants and fabulous shopping. A friend recommended we visit 4th street and boy, was it great fun!!

First stop was Inretrospect and it is a multi-dealer shop with a lot of Mid-Century Modern, vintage, retro, home décor, furniture, novelty items, fashion, accessories, books, magazines, vinyl, cameras, kitchenware, and lots of kitschy fun too!! The staff is really nice and helpful, and the shop is well setup making it easy to navigate. I included a couple pics for you all that hubby took…… ok, I am a total novelty lover and the kitschier/ kookier the better so, the vintage boob tube came home with us along with some books. Great store, totally worth the visit.

Vintage Boob Tube

Next stop was the Vintage Galleria. This one was a great surprise as it is full of pinup, rockabilly, and vintage/retro clothing and accessories. Also, if you are a ‘Day of the Dead’ or ‘Comic’ fan then you will love the many clothing and accessories items this shop has with these themes. You will find top brands like Voodoovixen, Sourpuss and Bait Footwear stocked here. I ended up with a lovely black polkadot pinup circle skirt and can’t wait to wear it and I will share some pics for you all. Sorry I didn’t snap any pics of the shop for you all.

There are lots more shops, boutiques and restaurants on Retro Row so it is totally worth a visit if you are in the Long Beach area and, the beach is just blocks away!!


Recap of the Spring 2015 Portland Antique Show

Vintage Levis

The Spring antique show in Portland was great fun. For the most part, parking, entry into the show, and vendors were great. There was however so much Easter stuff, some vintage, some not. The usual types of items I love to find at this show just weren’t there. Even my favorite vendors didn’t really have great stuff. Maybe the show is just more to my collecting style in July and October. I was really surprised that there were a couple vendors that simply refused to budge on their prices… they wouldn’t come down event a penny!! WOW! I just couldn’t bring myself to buy anything from their booth. I just don’t get it. Oh well, still I had a blast and ended up shipping home a big box of goodies!!

Here are a couple pics of some of the fun items and booths I saw. The ‘Boob Tube’ was a crowd pleaser. I was in a booth where the vendor said he made the boob tube and he takes it tall the shows he’s at and folks always go up to it to take a picture, he said he should start charging a $1 for each photo, ha!

Vintage Boob Tube

Vintage Felix The Cat Clock Tic Tok


Vintage Giant Tothbrushes

Vintage Coffee Sign Ephemera