My Favorite Vintage Style Blouses for Busty Babes

Yasmina Greco Heart of House Mollie Blouse

Being a busty gal it is rare to find a blouse that can actually be buttoned up without gaping or squishing or pulling at the buttons and still be comfortable. I am so excited to tell you all about my new favorite blouse for busty galls and it is called the Mollie Blouse from Heart of Haute.

Yasmina Greco Heart of House Mollie Blouse

Heart of Haute is the fabulous all woman owned company (I have written about HOH many times on my blog) where items are made in the USA and they have a variety of vintage and retro inspired beautifully made clothing. Today I am thrilled to tell you all about the Mollie Blouse in Audrey’s Kiss White. I immediately fell in love with the print, black cateye sunglasses and red lip against a crisp white background!! The blouse is a nice heavier cotton fabric and boy does it hold its shape nicely. It was literally the first time in my life that I was able to button up a blouse without any pulling, tugging, adjusting, or squishing and the collar actually laid down flat, this has never ever happened to me with a blouse before. The blouse was so comfortable and can be worm tucked in or out as it is finished with a pointed hem. The sleeves fit so comfortably too. Many times when shopping for blouses the fit of the sleeve can be tight and restricting but not with the Mollie, it is a cap sleeve that is so very comfortable and I could even stretch my arms way out in front and up high without any issues.

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