The Best Vintage Christmas: 25 Unique Gifts for Her Guide

25 best vintage Christmas gifts for her
25 best vintage Christmas gifts for her

Discover 25 unique vintage gifts for her this Christmas! Featuring retro jewelry, Pyrex, fashion, and more for a festive, mid-century celebration.

The holiday season is upon us, and if you have a special someone in your life who’s passionate about all things vintage, mid-century, and kitschy, then you’re in for a treat! Our vintage Christmas gift guide has a curated collection of retro-inspired gifts that will transport her back to the golden era of mid-century design? From vintage jewelry to Pyrex, fashion, barware, vinyl LPs, and iconic Holt Howard Santa and Pixieware collectibles, we’ve made vintage gifting easy with our gift guide of 25 fabulous gift ideas that are sure to make her Christmas merry and bright. So, grab a cup of cocoa, put on your favorite vintage holiday tunes, and let’s dive in!

1. Vintage Brooches: Start her collection with a dazzling vintage brooch from the 1950s. Whether she’s into whimsical animal shapes or elegant floral designs, a mid-century brooch is the perfect accessory to add some retro flair to her outfits. Some brands to look for are: Coro, Eisenberg, Trifari, Sarah Coventry, Weiss, Joseph Wiesner.

Vintage Pink Pyrex
Vintage Pink Pyrex

2. Pyrex Nesting Bowls: Every vintage enthusiast knows the value of classic Pyrex nesting bowls. These colorful kitchen staples from the mid-century era are both functional and decorative, making them a cherished addition to any vintage kitchen. Some patterns to look for are Gooseberry, Starburst, Pyrex Dot, Snowflake , and Butterprint.

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Unveiling ‘Mid-Century Madness’: A Fusion of Retro Charm & Functionality

Hello, design enthusiasts and vintage lovers!

We couldn’t be more excited to unveil our newest collection, ‘Mid-Century Madness’! Our latest lineup breathes life into the classic elegance of the 1950s and ’60s, reverberating with vivid starburst patterns, the unmistakable charm of Pyrex, and the whimsy of retro mod black cats.

This distinctive array effortlessly weaves nostalgia with the practicality of mid-century modern design, creating a harmony that’s sure to tug at the heartstrings of vintage enthusiasts.

Our collection takes the beloved mid-century modern starburst motif and gives it a delightful twist. A standout feature is the playful addition of retro mod black cats and fabulous Pyrex.

The sleek silhouettes and charismatic expressions of these feline figures embody the spirit of mid-century designs, making them a charming contrast against the energetic starburst backdrop. And, who can resist pink and turquoise blue vintage Pyrex!!

From stylish t-shirts, wall art, kitchenware to cozy home decor, the ‘Mid-Century Madness’ collection offers a variety of pieces to add a dash of vintage flair to your everyday life.

mid-century t-shirts, decor and gifts with Pyrex, starbursts, black retro mod cats
mid-century t-shirts, decor and gifts with Pyrex, starbursts, black retro mod cats

First in the collection is our Mid-Century Madness Starburst Pyrex Mug. Perfect for sipping your favorite brew, this mug boasts a starburst and black cats design against iconic pink and turquoise blue Pyrex dishes. It’s not just a mug—it’s a conversation starter, an artistic piece that infuses charm and nostalgia into your morning coffee or evening tea. You can customize your mug color combo too!

Next, we introduce our Mid-Century Madness Starburst Throw Pillow. Perfect for adding a playful twist to your living room or bedroom, this plush pillow showcases the collection’s signature design on a comfortable, soft-touch fabric. It’s more than a pillow—it’s a stylish statement, a way to infuse your home with an aesthetic that’s both retro and contemporary.

The collection also features the Mid-Century Madness Starburst Greeting Card, complete with the collection’s distinctive design and a touch of kitschy Pyrex in vibrant pink and turquoise hues and black mod cats. It’s more than a card—it’s a heartfelt gesture, a unique way to share your thoughts and wishes with your custom message.

Of course, the ‘Mid-Century Madness’ collection wouldn’t be complete without a wide range of home decor pieces. From chic wall art to quirky accessories, each item carries the signature starburst and black cats design, perfect for sprucing up your space with a dose of mid-century magic.

The ‘Mid-Century Madness’ collection is a tribute to a timeless era, a celebration of retro style re-imagined for the modern day. Ideal for those who love the distinctive style of mid-century modern design, adore cats, or simply enjoy unique, stylish home decor and accessories.

So, get ready to step back in time, enjoy a dash of nostalgia, and embrace the mid-century madness. The 50s and 60s never looked so good!

Shop our Mid-Century Madness designs now!!

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