The Best Holt Howard Vintage Christmas Collectibles – An Insider’s Guide

The weeks are already passing by quickly; just last week it was Thanksgiving and now the rush is on for Christmas and that means unpacking our favorite holiday decorations and taking great care to place them in the perfect spots around our homes. For me, Holt-Howard Christmas collectibles have so much charm and evoke nostalgia of Christmas’s past (way before I was born) and it is these wonderful figurines and kitschy collectibles that bring a smile to my face every year and, if I am being totally honest, make me smile everyday because I have many of them in my treasured cabinet right by my work desk and can gaze at them every single day.

I have a blog post about collecting Holt-Howard Pixieware you can read that has information and some history about the Holt-Howard company and how it started, why they moved their ceramic manufacturing to Japan and has some neat pictures of the famous Holt-Howard Pixieware collectibles if you want to learn a little bit about the company.

Yasmina Greco collecting vintage Christmas

Last week we published post number 1 in our Vintage Christmas Collecting Series on collecting vintage NOEL sets and this week’s post is all about collecting Holt-Howard Christmas goodies so grab your favorite beverage, sit back and relax as I share some of my favorite Holt-Howard collectibles with you.

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