Boox Palma: More Than an E-Reader – My Personal AI Assistant!

I’m excited to share my latest tech obsession – the Boox Palma e-reader. This little device has the potential to be far more than just a way to read books! This e-reader is more than meets the eye! See how I turn my Boox Palma into a personal AI assistant.

What is the Boox Palma?

Think of the Boox Palma as a super-compact Kindle with a whole lot of extra features. Its crisp eInk display lets you read books with incredible clarity, even in direct sunlight, and the battery lasts incredibly long between charges.

Boox Palma
Boox Palma

The Palma is ridiculously small – about 6 inches tall by 3 inches wide, and less than half an inch thick. This makes it smaller and lighter than most smartphones! Despite its size, it packs a punch:

  • 16-megapixel camera
  • Microphone and speaker
  • Power and volume controls
  • Customizable function button
  • 128GB onboard storage (expandable via MicroSD card)

More Than Just an E-Reader

While the Palma is fantastic for reading, it has something many e-readers lack: Android 11. This opens up a world of possibilities. I decided to take things a step further and turn my Boox Palma into my own personal, pocket-sized AI assistant.

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FOCI AI Review: Can It Boost Your Focus and Productivity?

My First Week with the FOCI AI Wearable: Can it Really Boost Productivity?

As someone in the tech industry managing a global team, I’m always looking for ways to boost my productivity. The search for smarter, not harder, work habits is never-ending. When I discovered the FOCI AI wearable, I was immediately intrigued. This device clips to your waistband and promises to track your focus, distractions, stress, and fatigue, ultimately helping you optimize your work sessions with gentle vibrations. I tried Foci for a week, here’s what happened.

The Setup: Easy and Unobtrusive

Unboxing the FOCI was straightforward (you can check out my unboxing video here), and I was happy to find it clipped sturdily onto my waistband – I barely noticed it after putting it on! The real magic happened after I connected FOCI to my iPhone and started wearing it. The device needed about three days to learn my breathing patterns, a key factor in how it determines my mental state.

First Impressions: Insights with Some Vibrating Caveats

After a few days, FOCI’s app began showing fascinating data about my work habits. It pinpointed periods of deep focus, but also a good deal of distraction and even fatigue I hadn’t necessarily been conscious of. Perhaps most interesting were the vibrations designed to alert me when my focus waned.

My workdays are full of context switching – meetings, rapid decisions, and constant collaboration. It’s no surprise that Foci initially flagged this as a distraction – and honestly, it’s right. Context switching is a major focus killer! The frequent vibrations started to feel more disruptive than helpful after a few days. This raises an important point: even tech designed for focus can become a distraction itself. The vibration intensity also surprised me. I hope Foci will either learn to adapt to my work style, offer settings to adjust the alerts, or I’ll just grow accustomed to them over time. But the Foci is doing its job!!

What’s Next?

Foci AI Review
Foci AI Review

I plan to continue wearing the FOCI and track if anything changes in its analysis patterns or if I get used to the vibration feature. It’s a truly innovative concept, and I’m curious to see how it evolves.

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Glamour & Gadgets with Yasmina Greco

Hey, fabulous readers and tech enthusiasts! Get ready to dive into a world where laughter and learning collide in the most delightful way possible. I’m thrilled to announce that my blog is taking a whimsical leap into the wonders of the digital universe, and you’re invited to join me on this vibrant journey for Glamour & Gadgets with Yasmina Greco.

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But that’s not all! While we gear up to embrace the future, we’re not leaving behind the treasures of the past. My passion for antiques, collectibles, and the timeless allure of pin-up will continue to grace our space. And let’s not forget the world of modeling, where I’ll share insights, experiences, and perhaps a secret or two from behind the scenes. These loves of mine will remain a vibrant part of our journey together, adding layers of depth and color to our adventure.

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