Pinup Girl Enamel Pins

Yasmina Greco Crazy4Me Style Enamel Pin

We are excited to share these one-of-a-kind enamel pins with you all that are available now in our little shop . These are created from custom artwork and we worked with so many manufactures until we found the right one that would make the highest quality pins with brilliant details to bring out all the vintage charm and colors of the design. Here they are; these are the first lot of enamel pins that are in our shop now.

Pinup Girl Rosie Riveter Flamingo Enamel Pins Crazy4Me Style

We’ve got a beautiful Flamingo Love enamel pin that comes in gold or silver. These flamingos are standing in a pool of cool blue refreshing water surrounded by lush palm fronds and perfect for the tiki loving Pinup gal. Our next pin is our Atomic Rocket Blast Off pin and this one too comes in gold or silver and, is so reminiscent of the atomic age. Let talk about one of my very favorite pins, our Pinup Rosie enamel pin. This one is a really nice size and a brooch as well. I am crazy4 our Rosie pin. She has all the details of the iconic WW2 female Rosie the Riveter and our pin is stunning and I think you’ll really love her!! Finally, I’d like to introduce you to our 1956 Nash Metropolitan pin. This is a pin designed after our very own 56 Nash Metro. It’s got all the fabulous fun of the 1950s with the turquoise blue color and chrome, chrome chrome!!

Yasmina Greco Crazy4Me Style Enamel PinCrazy4Me Style Pinup Girl Enamel Pins

Our pins are so easy to mix and match and can be worn casually on denim jackets and ball caps. You can accessorize blouses, tote bags, and cardigans too. Each pin is shipped on a card backing .You won’t see pins like these on others and you’ll stand out with some retro Pinup glam wearing our enamel pins. We are working on a couple new collections so stay tuned. We’d love to share your pics in our #crazy4mestyle pins and outfits so tag us on Instagram for a feature @crazy4mestyle.