Repurposed Vintage Milk Glass Vanity Jars


I was in a little antique shop looking in the glass cases and saw a lovely collection of small, delicate, white glass jars with embellished lids. The jars were so dainty and pretty. When I got home I began to do a bit of research and this is what I learned-

  • Material: Milk Glass
  • Made: 1800s-1960s
  • Purpose: Cold Cream Jars – Creams for Woman “What will your face be like in One-in Five-In-10 Years Time?”
  • Manufacturers:  Hazel-Atlas, Woodbury, Avon
  • Prices: $10-$50+ depending on materials used to embellish lids



Today, these jars are collectible and usually are found with paper labels and tin screw-on lids. The jars are repurposed today and the lids are embellished with antique buttons, vintage jewelry, bone china flowers, porcelain flowers and even micro mosaics. So pretty!!

Photos from: My Casual Cottage and Antiques at Serendipity.

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