Ultimate Vintage Christmas Guide 1950s Tree, Gifts & Cookies

Yasmina Greco

Photo Credit: Shameless Photography

Do you have your tree up? How about cookies baked? Are you ready to wrap those gifts you scooped up Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Or, have you put a wreath up on your door? If you’ve answered ‘No’ to most of these then have no fear, Yasmina is here. I’ve assembled some tips and resources to help you have the vintage Pinup Girl style Christmas you’ve dreamed of.

Vintage 1950s Tinsel Christmas Tree

To have that vintage Christmas you’ve been dreaming about, you really need a tinsel Christmas tree from the 1950s. These trees really add so much vintage charm and can ‘make’ your room. Aluminum trees come in large and tabletop sizes and some even have tinsel pompoms on the tips of their branches. You can find these vintage tinsel trees at antique shops and online at eBay and many might even come with their original boxes. Pricing on these can range from $75 – $175.  If your tree comes with its original box you can store at after the holidays by removing the branches and placing them in their cartons and then folding up the tree base. If your tree does not come with a box and you have room, I suggest putting a large bag over it, covering it well to protect from dust, dirt and the general elements and it can stay stored upright till next Christmas.  (Pics from Pinterest)

Vintage Tinsel Christmas Trees

Vintage Shinybrite Ornaments

Vintage Shinybrite Ornaments

The prettiest way to decorate your vintage aluminum tree is with 1950s Shinybrite Christmas ornaments. Shinybrites comes in many colors and styles and have that fabulous iridescence that glows beautifully hanging from the tree. The vintage boxes these ornaments come in have a lot of character and can even be used as decorations on shelves and under your tree. (Pics from Pinterest)

Pinup Girl Wrapping Paper

Pinup Girl Wrapping Paper

Now that your tree is up and you are feeling festive, you’ll need to add some wrapped packages to the bottom of your tree as the days start getting closer to Christmas. There actually are options if you want to go 100% vintage 1950s. eBay, has a nice selection of 1950s wrapping paper. I actually purchased several rolls this year and can tell you that when the paper arrived it was much duller in color than I was expecting so, please keep in mind that the colors might not be as bright and vivid as they are online. If you want fun gift wrap with the same vintage mid-century modern print then try Zazzle as this site has a bunch of options and I ordered some rolls from them and was really happy at the quality and bright colors. Ok, if you want to give your packages that ‘Pinup Girl Flare’ then you’ll want to wrap using paper that has Pinups on it. I found these fabulous Pinup Girl wrapping paper selections on Pinterest and you can find the websites there.

Christmas Cookies

Now for one of the tastiest parts of Christmas…. the cookies! You can find traditional, vintage 1950s cookie recipes here her ‘1950s Christmas Cookies‘. We’ll be starting our holiday baking this weekend so I will do a post on the cookies we baked. Also, why not add some fun shapes to your cookies with some neat cookie cutters in the shape of a Pinup Girl, flamingo, anchor and skull-cross bones. With these cookie cutters, your cookies will certainly stand out at your cookie exchange!! Etsy has some great selections for cookie cutters.

Pinup Girl Cookie Cutters

I have a special Christmas photo shoot I am wrapping up so stay tuned as I will post pics shortly.  Hope you are all doing great are ready for Christmas!!