Proven Strategies for Finding Antiques at Bargain Prices

For vintage buffs, antique malls, flea markets, and thrift stores are like Disneyland. It’s a place where dreams of finding hidden gems come true. While it may seem overwhelming at first, with a little know-how you can score some serious treasures without breaking the bank. So follow along and learn how to master the hunt with my expert tips for scoring antiques at bargain prices at antique malls, thrift stores, and vintage festivals. Happy hunting!

Buyers and sellers are all looking for the same thing in the end and that is a “bargain”. The buyer is looking for a bargain item to add to their collection and the seller is looking for a bargain item that they can re-sell for a profit. Many people today still ask “Are there any bargains out there left to be had”? My answer is YES, you just need to know how to spot the bargain and have patience.

Shopping Antique Malls

Treasure Hunting – as I like to call it requires lots of careful hunting, seeking, and searching to locate that bargain item.  Also, you have a lot of competition as you are not the only one out treasure hunting. With the popularity of online auction sites, antique & collectibles shops, more and more flea markets popping up regularly and shows like Antiques Roadshow, there are a lot of treasure hunters indeed. But, with that being said, all these venues for seeking treasure may actually make it easier to find a bargain…..that’s right, I said easier.

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Exploring Benica Cal Antique Shops Pinup Girl Style

Yasmina Greco Pinup Benica Antiques

Gary and I headed to explore the Bay Area city of Benicia, CA. We had heard from a co-worker it was a lovely and friendly town with lots of good antique shops. The weather was gorgeous with sunshine and not too warm at all with highs around 68.

Benicia Antique Mall - Crazy4MeBenicia is about 35 miles from San Francisco so the drive was smooth and easy. Upon entering Benicia, it almost feels likes you are going a back in time as there are the cutest cottages, Mid-Century homes and lots of beach-town architecture. The city is so clean and family friendly and they have the ‘green’ with stunning gazebo and of course First Street which is like Main Street in another cute town. First Street is lined with cute shops and restaurants and I have never seen so many hair salons, spas and real estate offices on one street!! It is also incredibly family friendly and nearly everyone we passed had one or multiple dogs so it is also a very pooch friendly city. We explored 5 antique shops and there were a few more too but already closed by the time we wandered by.

Benica Antique Mall Yasmina Greco PinupMost of the antique shops are pretty small but there was a larger multi-dealer mall so we stopped there first. Benicia Antiques Mall has about 20 dealers and they sell a variety of cute collectibles and even one or two Mid-Century goodies. Lots of Depression glass, decorator items, mixed in with some collectibles. There is an upstairs also so don’t miss it as there are a couple dealer rooms located there. The pictures you see here are from this mall. Prices at this mall are on the higher side so keep that in mind.

We stopped into a couple other antique shops and they too had the usual glassware and china, some kitchen collectibles, records, books, Asian artifacts and kitchenware too. Prices are on the high side at many of the shops but there are deals to be had if you look.

What would a Pinup wear when antiquing in the town you ask? Well, I wore my Mischief Made ‘Hot Tamale’ t-shirt and paired it with my Steady Clothing swing skirt and a red cardigan w/ matching red belt. Comfy but stylish with Pinup flair. I don’t much talent for hair so; I put it up in a bun and did my winged eyeliner. I am totally obsessed with my turquoise blue Kate Spade purse hubby gave me for Valentines Day so it goes everywhere with me.

We highly recommend a day trip to Benicia, CA. It is a town that is beyond cute and you will surely enjoy yourself. You will even catch glimpses if the sea!!

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5 Inspiring Reasons to Wear Vintage Styles

Vintage Pinup Fashion

New #motivationmonday post-

As this post begins, I want to state the below is based on my personal experiences. I realize that not everyone may have the same experiences but hope you are inspired to try vintage style clothing.

It had been years, literally, since I wore a dress or skirt. Not because I didn’t want to but because the styles I found at my local mall did not suit my figure at all. With a curvy hour-glass like I have, wearing a dress not cut for large breasts just makes you look like you’re expecting as you have to buy the dress to fit your breasts then your so roomy in the waist and bam!! You look pregnant.

Skirts too were problem as they did not fit well on curvy hips and small waist as you end up with too big in the waist or too tight in the hips. No happy medium.

So pants were my go-to. I would pair them with sweater tops or twin-sets as these had some stretch so they would fit my breasts and add some basic accessories like a necklace or brooch to dress up my outfit for work. Same routine each day, pants and sweater tops. Weekends were jeans and pretty much the same sweater tops. Boring! Getting dressed was not fun or an experience but just something that was done out of routine and habit.

Then an epiphany occurred, it felt like the universe shed new light upon me when I discovered vintage inspired clothing styles!

It didn’t take me too long to feel absolutely comfortable wearing my 50s inspired clothing styles. Many refer to this 50s inspired look as Pin Up or Rockabilly and if I had to relate to one it would be ‘Classic Pinup” as I totally love clothing from the 50s and the lifestyle. Below are my 5 motiving reasons for wearing vintage pinup inspired clothing style.

1. New Level of Self-Confidence

When I wear my swing dresses or circle skirts I feel incredibly feminine. The dresses have so much style and flair and are cut to really enhance my hourglass shape. I can wear one of my pinup dresses and even though heaps of cleavage can show, it is all done in a lady-like way so not to make anyone around me uncomfortable. All they see is a pretty lady wearing a beautiful dress. I get non-stop compliments; men look but women and girls will come up to me, or follow me through a store to tell me how pretty my dress is and how incredible I look.

Wearing my Pinup circle skirts too has the same effect. I use to think jeans and leggings were the most comfortable clothing options but I have to tell you that wearing a Pinup circle skirt is much better! If you add a petticoat underneath all you want to do is twirl. These vintage style skirts are so much fun as they come in a wide variety of prints and novelty prints and tend to be really colorful and bright. Add a cardigan and brooch and your look is complete. Again, non-stop compliments are what I receive.

Your self-confidence will certainly be taken to a whole new level and you will shine brightly. Smiles, you will be smiling a lot more too!

2. Love Your Body! Body Confidence

I will be the first to admit that before I started my Pinup inspired dressing, I was very insecure when it came to my body. I have very large breasts and ample hips, curvy indeed but I never wanted to showcase any of it, not even in a proper lady-like manner. I have been married for 15 years and thought as long as my husband loves me, and then no one needs to see me, coupled with the fact that mall clothing was not for me. Well, that attitude is not really healthy as it makes you self-conscious and does not let the real you shine through and you go through your years just getting by in ill fitting clothing that really drag you down.

Today, I am a whole new woman! My husband will even tell you that as well, and my co-workers too. I have a whole new confidence and light. I love dressing up each day and take pride in picking out my pretty lingerie, accessories and clothing. I don’t feel self-conscious anymore. I like wearing well made beautiful clothing that flatter my curves and make feel well dressed and beautiful. I am comfortable and confident in my appearance and body. It really feels incredible to have so much body confidence. I don’t want to be bone thin, I love my curves; and so does my husband.

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Pinup Girl Vintage Living

Crazy4Me Pinup Girl Vintage Flamingo Circle Skirt

Happy Memorial Day blog friends!! A lot of exciting things have been happening and I wanted to share it with you. As many of you know, I love the 1950s-1960s and but what you may not know is that I have a real affinity for clothing of the 1950s. The 50s lifestyle; the values of yester-year where family, a glamorous wife, a handsome husband, and a beautiful home that was stylishly decorated and hearty dinners were served every day of the week all while wearing a beautiful dress, and having hair and makeup all done up. Wearing beautiful pinup girl dresses that have just the right cut and style to enhance women’s curves beautifully.  That magnificent cat-eye winged eyeliner and vintage victory roll hairstyles.

I am embracing the fashions, and have been wearing my vintage style circle skirts, pinup dresses, wiggle dresses, cardigans, and lovely stockings and heels. At first I wasn’t quite sure how to incorporate my new pinup girl look into the office atmosphere as my curvy figure in a wiggle dress (think more Joan Harris from Mad Men) or a pencil skirt and conservative though form fitting blouse would be way too much, I have been able to wear some pretty circle skirts with a blouse or cardigan and also some dresses. It does take a little more time getting ready for work in the morning especially when adding the vintage makeup touches of a cat-eye and putting on stockings and heels but I have to tell you that it feels fantastic! I feel pretty and feminine and proud to go to work. My former style was a pair of pants with a causal work appropriate top or sweater, and though I always put on my face and did my hair, wearing 50s pinup style dresses and skirts with heels just makes you feel so pretty. I also put my hair in a simple up-do or when my curly hair cooperates, I can pin the front and sides up a little to form a mini victory roll look. I am not quite ready for pin curls and curlers yet but stay tuned! I have also received so many compliments from female co-workers that want to know where I am getting my clothes. I work from home on occasion and love cooking dinner for my husband and I get my self all dolled up in a pretty pinup dress with petticoat for additional flair (think Betty Draper from Mad Men) who was prim and proper, looked so pretty in her 50s dresses that nipped in at the wait and were so flirty with the petticoats underneath. The twirling these dresses make you want to do  – oh my!!

Pinup Girl Clothing

Weekends are my favorite time as I can wear my fun pinup girl or swing dresses that are really curve hugging and enhancing!! I add a vintage handbag, sometimes a vintage chiffon scarf and of course the eyes and hair are all done up. I love wearing this look to the antique fairs and shows and when out at the antique and collectible shops. I have so much fun, the dresses are really comfortable while enhancing all my curves and I receive so many compliments.  I’m loving my classic pinup girl look!  My husband is so sweet and supportive and tells me how pretty I am!!

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