Pinup Perfection Tied with a Pussy Bow for the Office

Yasmina Greco Heart of Haute Estelle Atomic Cats

I’ve been getting asked a lot what a work appropriate top is that has Pinup Rockabilly style since the many options on the market can be a little too cleavage reveling to wear to the office.  So, I decided to post my review of the fabulous Estelle blouse by Heart of Haute and the top I am reviewing is in the Atomic Cat print.

First off, let’s talk about the style. The silhouette is dynamite!! Short sleeve with great shape, classic cut to flatter your curves, gathers along the shoulder and a higher neckline compliment with a perfect pussy bow for ultra feminine flair. There is no other blouse that is more conservative yet feminine and flatters a large bust or small bust equally. Because of the feminine cut, the blouse doesn’t have pulling between buttons so rest assured, there will be no buttons popping open. The blouse is incredibly comfortable, doesn’t wrinkle easily and makes you feel confident, gorgeous, and ready to take charge of a meeting, close a big deal, and handle those irate customers all in classic Pinup style.

Yasmina Greco Heart of Haute Estelle Top Atomic Cats
The Estelle blouse from Heart of Haute pairs perfectly with swing skirts or pencil skirts and even wide leg trousers. The Estelle is so versatile. This blouse is a staple in my work wardrobe and the fabulous gals at Heart of Haute keep coming out with new prints and even sleeveless styles so you can toss on a sweet cardigan if the office gets a little chilly. I definitely will be adding many more Estelle’s to my collection. These tops tend to sell out quickly so hurry and get yours while sizes last!!


UPDATE: Top Vintage Retro Boutique also has this one in stock-

Yasmina Greco Top Vintage Pinup Heart of Haute Estelle Atomic Cats