Vintage Ballerinas, Embroidery, & 50s Poodles

The truth is, I can’t stay away from antique malls, flea markets, or estate sales and feel a real ‘need’ to visit these places at least a couple times a month. The weather here in Northern California’s wine country has been pretty rainy but today was dry and sunny and after we ran our errands we headed to the quaint town of Healdsburg to Mill Street Antiques. There were lots of shoppers and the booths didn’t really have great sales. Also, looked like several booths were on the way out/closing down and that might mean new dealers taking occupancy soon (another reason to visit after the New Year to see what the new booths have). My husband found several cool vintage cameras and books and I found these adorable Lefton Ballerina wall plaques, vintage 1950s poodles, vintage linens with embroidered Scottie dogs and horses, vintage hankies and a vintage Napco Christmas spaghetti poodle dog figurine and I was really happy!!

As 2012 quickly comes to an end, I am thinking about 2013 and my dream job – my dream job would be to travel around the country to antique malls, flea markets, estate sales, and private residences touring the locations, meeting the collectors, vendors and dealers, talking about the goodies/treasures in each of the locations, how and what started people building collections and film it all….putting together a sort of  ‘day trip’ guide or ‘best of’ show on what each town has to offer. Hmmmm, I recall a very wise woman once saying “find what it is you love to do and turn it into a job”. Wishing you all a safe, healthy, and prosperous 2013!!

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