Llano House Antiques


Gorgeous weekend with sunshine and breezes. Stopped in to a little antique shop that we hadn’t been to before called Llano House Antiques. Stepping out of the car the aroma of “old, vintage, ” hits you.  The shop is two red buildings or cottages and per the sign in between them these are historic buildings dating to 1849. A orange kitty cat sleeps in the bushes. The first building we go into has lots and lots of Depression Glass, Jadite Glass, Milk Glass and some teacups. Some antique and old tools and kitchen gadgets. We walk to the next building and again lots of Depression Glass, some Flow Blue, a cabinet housing a variety of still banks and set of stairs that take you upstairs to the attic to a room full of chairs. ‘The Chair Room” is literally all chairs and they are hanging from the ceiling too. Chairs see to be all wooden and in all conditions. On the way out a black kitty cat is rolling around in sunshine in front of the door. We didn’t leave with anything but if Depression Glass and chairs becomes our thing than we will be back to visit Llano House Antiques. 

Llano House Antiques

4353 Gravenstein Hwy S

Sebastopol, CA 95472

(707) 829-9322