Review of the Voodoo Vixen Katnis Blue Pinup Rockabilly Swing Dress

Voodoo Vixen Katnis Blue Dress Pinup Yasmina Greco

From the moment I saw the Voodoo Vixen Katnis dress in blue on Instagram, I had to have it. But, it wasn’t listed for sale yet anywhere so I would have to keep checking sites that sell Voodoo Vixen regularly until it popped up for sale.

I had seen the Voodoo Vixen Katnis dress in green jade before and wasn’t compelled to purchase it. Yes, it was a cute dress with fun kitschy ‘raining cats’ print but, not something I had to have. That is until it debuted in a marvelous bright turquoise blue color!! I had to have it.

The dress finally appeared on Top Vintage and I quickly snapped it up. It took nearly a month for it to make its way from Europe to my door in California but, when it arrived, it was 100% worth the wait!!

Voodoo Vixen Katnis Blue Dress Pinup Yasmina Greco

I took the dress out of the package and it was exactly what I was expecting. The color was bright and blue!! The kitty cats were adorable and the piping on the collar, sleeves, and pockets added so much charm. I could not wait to wear it. It was everything I hoped for in a swing dress. I got my chance to take this beauty out on a weekend with my husband that was sunny and we went antiquing and then ran some errands.

I only owned 1 Voodoo Vixen prior to this one (the Joni) and it had a little stretch so I hoped the blue Katnis would too. I based my sizing completely off the size guide listed on the website. I am a curvy girl with G cups so I ended up with a 1X to fit my breasts and I knew it would be roomy in the waist. When I put the dress on it was immediately comfortable, fit my curves nicely and the fabric very comfy as it is made from cotton. The dress did fit nicely across my chest and was very roomy in the waist. Had I sized down, I don’t think it would have fit my breasts. The belt that comes with the dress is rather flimsy….. does not hold shape well as it is made from fabric. I think I will add a skinny belt that is sturdier the next time I wear it and then it will show my waist better. Nonetheless, I LOVE this dress.

Voodoo Vixen Katnis Blue Dress Pinup Yasmina Greco

Walking down the street so many people just looked at me and smiled and many complimented me on the darling dress and color. This dress will be very nice to wear in Spring, and early Summer and even in the Fall (does not get very cold in California). It has a dressy casual flair and the color makes it so fun. My hubby was sweet and snapped a couple pictures of me wearing the dress. This dress is definitely one of my favorites!