Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest – Vote for Crazy4Me Yasmina Greco

Craz4Me Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest Yasmina Greco

I am so excited to have made it to the final voting round for Miss Viva Las Vegas!! But now, I turn to all my wonderful friends and followers as I need your vote to get me to the finish line.

Winning the title of Miss Viva Las Vegas would give me the opportunity to connect to a larger audience with a message that speaks of motivation, achievement, and education for women, men and our youth. As a modern day Pinup Girl with an incredibly strong work ethic, I am a firm believer that your attitude determines your altitude and it starts with confidence and education.  Inner beauty plays a major role in this competition.

Of course I will post and share lots of photos from the many Viva events for you to enjoy as well video so you never know which Pinup or Burlesque doll I will be hanging with!!

Please vote at and look for my picture (the Pinup secretary) Make sure to check your email and confirm your vote. Mobile voters using the Chrome browser, please go to the settings (three dots on the top right) and check the box “request full site”.


Crazy4Me  ‘Yasmina Greco’

My Pinup pic is by Shameless Photography