5 Expert Tips for Collecting Vintage Christmas Angels

Vintage Norcrest Christmas Angels
Vintage Norcrest Christmas Angels

Hello, angel enthusiasts! Welcome to our cozy corner of the internet, where we’ll embark on a heavenly journey with 5 expert tips for collecting vintage Christmas angels. These celestial beings have been a beloved part of holiday celebrations for centuries, symbolizing hope, joy, and the spirit of giving. With their timeless beauty and intricate details, vintage Christmas angels hold a special place in the hearts of collectors around the world.

Holt-Howard Ermine Angela Salt and Pepper Shakers
Holt-Howard Ermine Angels Salt and Pepper Shakers

Today’s blog post is for week four in our Vintage Christmas Collecting Series and today it is all about collecting vintage Christmas angels as Christmas and angels really go hand-in-hand. The majority of vintage angels in my collection date to the 1950s and were made in Japan by Napco, Norcrest, Ucago, Holt-Howard and Lefton when mid-century modern and kitsch were all the rage. Some angels have no markings and some are marked Japan or have a paper label that says Japan.

Vintage Christmas angels have a lot of the similar spaghetti trim detailing with sponged gold accents like the Christmas decorations made during the era. Some angels are in the form of bells, Noel sets, salt and pepper shakers, and others are figurines. So far, in all my years of collecting, I have only ever come across only a couple of brunette angels and all the others have been blondes so, the brunette haired ones are the rarer ones. 

Lefton Angel Babies
Lefton Angel Babies

Here is a super darling trio of baby angel boys made by Lefton and they each hold a holiday element like a present, candy cane and stocking and a wreath. 

Vintage Napco Brunette Angel Figurine
Vintage Napco Brunette Angel Figurine

This brunette beauty is made by Napco and she has her eyes lowered, holds a lovely Christmas greetings wreath and presents. This angel is quite fancy with so much spaghetti trim on her robe that has the lovely gold sponged details and her wings are one of the most ornate pair I have seen on an angel as they are highly detailed and so very intricate.

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Vintage Christmas Cuties, Bottlebrush Trees, Candy Cane Pixie

Vintage Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Shinybrite Ornaments

As we all prep for Santa’s visit in the next 24hrs I wanted to post up a couple of my favorite finds this year. We didn’t get out nearly as much as in years past, not many visits to the antique malls or thrift stores. Dealing with the loss of a beloved family member at Christmas time has been very difficult; she really loved Christmas and always decorated and even collected Christmas and her favorite were the Snowmen. Finding vintage snowmen has not been easy!! Thames Japan made some vintage snowmen and snow lady figurines back in the 50s-60s but I haven’t seen any this year. I did manage to add this adorable vintage Norcrest pixie angel girl on candy cane skis to my collection as well as this over-the-top bottle brush tree, created by a seller in Texas who only lists her trees on Ebay during the holidays. I love the vintage tinsel wreath and diorama along with all these vintage outdoor Santa decorations, no, I didn’t get any of these outdoor Santa’s or the wreath but I spotted them this year and really liked them. To return to a simpler time!! Take me to yesteryear!! Wishing you all a safe and wonderful Christmas, hoping you get to enjoy your time with your family and friends!!


Vintage Norcrest Angel Candy Cane Skater

Vintage Christmas Tinsel Wreath

Vintage Blowmold Santas