How to Bead a Vintage Purse

I found a neat project for beading a vintage purse.  You can get all the details and instructions HERE
 Materials and Tools:
seed beads
nylon thread
wooden loom
satin or other good-quality fabric for lining
beading needle
1. String the loom with nylon thread.
2. Create beaded fabric by stringing the beads onto the loom with the nylon thread.
3. Cut the beaded fabric off the loom, tie off the loose strings and sew the fabric onto the fabric purse lining.
4. Fold the purse over onto itself to create the shape of the purse, and sew the sides shut.
5. Make a strap of any length on the loom, using the same technique used to make the beaded fabric.
6. Sew the strap onto the purse.