Vintage Camera Collecting – Polaroids, Bakelite, Rolleiflex and More

Vintage Camera Collecting has always been a popular collecting category but recently it has exploded! Today, everyone wants a collection of vintage cameras. From Bakelite cameras to vintage Polaroid’s Kodak or Rolleiflex.

A couple things to consider when collecting cameras. What is the overall condition of the camera?   Can you still get film? Exposure system? Is the Lens in good condition? Does the shutter work? Are the Light Seals tight?

My husband is the collector in our family and I have an appreciation for the design and style of the cameras. I tell my husband “I don’t know why, but when I look at vintage cameras, it makes me happy”.  Perhaps like most other collectible I enjoy, I wonder about the person or people that owned the item before I did, what were they like, what kind of life did they have. I guess, that is part of the magic of vintage and antiques!! You can see some of his amazing items here Upcycledclassics