Lovely Lady Voluptuous – Bodega Bay

Yasmina Greco Bodega Bay Lady Voluptuous

We are so fortunate to live in beautiful California where we are not having to deal with horrible winter temperatures and weather. It was a lovely weekend and we had a spectacular outing in Bodega Bay. I got to wear my new Ada dress from Lady Voluptuous in Teal Rose. We found a lovely picnic spot by the bay for some photos and a marina.

Yasmina Greco Bodega Bay Lady Voluptuous Patrick's Salt Water Taffy

Driving through town we stopped at Patrick’s Salt Water Taffy for some goodies and I love the pink color of the building… perfect for a sea side treat shop!! We had lunch at a lovely spot overlooking the water and look who I found outside – Charlie Brown and I just had to stop and pose with him. My dress was so comfy all day and I love the fact that it does not wrinkle. I added a cardigan and cute purse from Lola Von Rose.


Bodega Bay is where the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds was filmed and I have posted before pics of the school house and church, you can read about it here and see some neat pics – Bodega Bay Bombshell – Hitchcock Heroine Style. The hubby and I had a wonderful day out at Bodgea Bay!! All pics by my hubby Gary