Life is a journey, enjoy the ride in a 1956 Nash Metropolitan

I am so excited to share with you all the newest addition to our mid-century modern family, our 1956 Nash Metropolitan!! My hubby Gary and I are over the moon excited with this adorable micro car that couldn’t be more perfect for two people (and their cute puppy dog). The fabulous turquoise blue color of Berkshire green just screams let the good times roll

The story behind our Nash Metropolitan is quite endearing and it puts a smile on my face when I think about it. Our Metro came from Oregon where it was put on a truck and driven down to a well-known Nash Metropolitan restorer in southern California. It belonged to a husband and wife who were Nash Metropolitan enthusiasts and their grown children were selling it as it had sat out in the fields for years since their folks had grown older. Fun fact is that the Nash Metropolitan is also known as the “clown car” because it looks so zany and small and their parents had actually attended the local clown college and drove around in their Metro’s dressed as clowns. Isn’t that wild!! It must have been a real hoot to see them!! The mom even had a convertible Nash Metropolitan for years and her husband purchased the hardtop for her but she never really drove it because she enjoyed the convertible so much. 

Our Nash Metropolitan sat out in a field for many years so it needed quite a bit of restoration to get it running. We have the 1956 year and it is a 1500 with 55hp. Can you believe it, only 55hp!! My hubby is a car enthusiast and had a lot of things done to make it safer for us to drive with the addition of seatbelts (today’s generation doesn’t realize not all cars came with seat belts back in the 50s and 60s) we have specialized breaks and so much more (hubby can talk you through it, just let us know if you are interested). Our Nash is so much fun to drive around town and is perfect for where we live in wine country. 

The Nash Metropolitan was sold in the US by the Hudson Motor Company from about 1953 to 1961 and was made by the Austin Motor Company in England. It was available in a hardtop or convertible. Our 1956 model only unlocks from the passenger side so once inside I have to reach over and unlock the driver door from the inside, such a neat thing that we don’t get to do in modern cars. The Nash Metropolitan was advertised as a nifty about-town car that was very economical and made a great second car for households and was well suited for women because of the compact size and ease to drive. 

Our Nash Metropolitan still needs some love but it draws a crowd and lots of smiles wherever we take it out. People seem genuinely intrigued and happy when they see it!! It is the perfect around-town car and has so much mid-century charm!!