A Day in San Francisco’s Little Italy and China Town

Golden Gate Bridge

We are taking a day trip into San Francisco today. Hubby and I both needed a little adventure with yummy food and lots of sights to see. I knew we would be doing a good amount of walking but I still wanted my pinup style to shine so I opted for my Cherry Velvet dress that’s a great turquoise blue color with lots of lush red cherries, my red cardigan and pair of Betsey Johnson tennis shoes. I received so many compliments on my dress!!

The drive down from wine country was pretty with lots of sunshine. Even after all these years of driving across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, I still get a thrill. The day was super clear and there were lots of sailboats in the bay and you could see Alcatraz clearly. We headed up to North Beach, San Francisco’s Little Italy for lunch. We stopped by Calzones, one of our favorite restaurants that has lots of tables and chairs out front and excellent people watching. Hubby ordered the pepperoni pizza made with a sauce of the best San Marzano tomatoes and artisan pepperoni. I ordered the lasagna. Calzone’s makes delicious food and their portions are big. My lasagna was loaded with meat sauce and a perfect amount of filling to pasta ratio, it was absolutely delicious.

CalzonesSF Little Italy San Francisco

After a hearty lunch we stopped next door at Biordi for their amazing hand-painted Italian pottery. The vast amount of styles and colors the majolica comes in is breathtaking. From dish sets and place settings, to vases, urns and tables and more, there is so much to look at and take in. Biorid’s is a must for anyone that loves Italian pottery.

Birodi Italian Pottery San Francisco

Yasmina Greco Mona Lisa San Francisco Little Italy

As we started our trek into San Francisco’s China Town, we snapped a fun pic at Mona Lisa’s restaurants, and they serve a variety of yummy Italian foods too. They also have a car parked out front with the Mona Lisa painted on it but, today it was not there. It is a great stop for pics!! Right next to Mona Lisa is Molinari Delicatessen where they are known for their incredible sandwiches and selection of imported Italian specialties from wines, sauces, pastas, and meats to cookies, olives and more. Be prepared to take a number and wait, lines form quickly!!

Yasmina Greco San Francisco China Town

The next block over from Little Italy will put you right in China Town. This is a fast paced, elbow-to-elbow kind of area. Authentic grocery stores and markets are everywhere selling the most incredible vegetables and goodies from back home. You will see restaurant after restaurant and local meat markets and seafood vendors. Here I am taking a pic in front of a shop that has roasted meats and chickens hanging in the window. There are also so many stands selling souvenirs, clothing, shoes, household goods and more. Again, so much to take in and lots and lots of locals. You will have fun!! As we were leaving China Town we came upon this spectacular 60s Googie sign the Royal Pacific Motor Inn still has out front and just had to snap a pic.

Yasmina Greco Googie Sign Royal Pacific Motor Inn San Francisco

Our day ends with goodies for the road from Stella Pastry & Cafe, a shop known for authentic cannoli, tiramisu, cakes, cookies, biscotti, and so much more. You can have espresso or cappuccino too, it’s a lovely little neighborhood bakery. Right next to the bakery is Bodega a wine/beer shop and on the wall behind is a popular mural with bright red lips that is a perfect spot for photos!! Time to head home now. Thanks to my hubby Gary Greco for all these fun pics.

Yasmina Greco Bodega Red Lips North Beach San Francisco