Pinup Girls and Classic Car Shows – Tips You Need to Know

Yasmina Greco Pinup Model Peggy Sue Hold onto your petticoats, ladies and gents! May is upon us, and it’s time to rev up those engines for a parade of spectacular classic car shows! For all you Pinup-loving Rockabilly gals, this is your chance to don those vibrant dresses, strut in high heels, rock those victory rolls, flaunt the perfect cat eye, and flash that siren-red smile. It’s time for the ultimate picture-taking extravaganza!

Yasmina Greco Rockabilly Pinup Vintage Model

  1. A classic car is a treasure!! Owners of classic cars poor their blood, sweat, and tears into restoring them, not mention they’re hard earned dollars. These are incredible automobiles that are a symbol of a bygone era. Plan your outfits carefully. Many times you will be right up next to these cars and you do not want to have any beads, chains, or purses with metal, or high heels that can touch the car as it will scratch it and that is not allowed. Also, keep in mind that many car shows are family friendly so dress appropriately and keep it tasteful like the classy gal you are. Always ask if you can take a photo next to the car…some shows the owners sit right next to them and other shows the owners are a mile away under the trees for shade. But, if an owner is close by, always ask. Sometimes they will even let you sit inside the car and take photos. Being kind and curious goes a very long way!!

Yasmina Greco Rockabilly Pinup Vintage Model

  1. Protect your skin. Sunscreen is a must. You don’t want to burn or get tan lines from your Deadly Dames Voodoo Vixen top. Also, depending on where you live, dealing with mosquitos is now a big concern so it is also a good idea to bring your bug spray and use it on exposed skin. Also, consider a parasol, as they not only make for a great prop in your photos but they are so useful at shading you and keeping you out of the direct sunshine. Parasols come in many different colors to match your outfits and they even come with designs so they really can be a nice prop. Also, consider a large vintage style sun hat…. these will really add a touch of glamour to your photos and keep you shaded too.

Yasmina Greco Pinup Rockabilly Model Crazy4Me

  1. Shoes… now this is a biggie! You’ll find that parking for the car show is often quite a hike to the admission gate. Sometimes you’ll trek through rough terrain with lots of weeds, sticks, and uneven terrain…. be careful. Bring some comfy walking shoes like flats or even sneakers…. I know you don’t want to look like a dork but hey, saving your feet and legs is really more important. Once you get into the show, change into your lovely heels or wedges.

Yasmina Greco Rockabilly Vintage Model Pinup Girl

  1. Bring a large tote bag or cart. This will be handy for your extra walking shoes, makeup for touch ups, outfits for changes, and even some cold beverages and snacks. I know it takes a lot to haul a large bag around but you will be thankful because you will have everything you need in it for the day. If you are at a very large classic car show then beverages might be located far away from where you are shooting so, having that bottle of water in your bag will be a lifesaver. Plan also for your photographer; remember they are hauling their equipment around and dealing with spectators to get the perfect shot of you and they too will be hot and thirsty and need a pick-me-up snack.

Yasmina Greco Model Pinup Girl Rockabilly

  1. Attitude. A classic car show is all about the charm of yesteryear and the hard work the car owners have put into their cars to make them show worthy so come with a great and happy attitude. You will be hot and get cranky so keep hydrated and consume small snacks to keep your endurance up or it will show on your face in the photos. Take a short break if you need to for restrooms and or outfit changes and makeup/hair touch ups. When you look good you feel good and your pictures turn out better!

Sometime at shows the attendees may come up and ask for photos with you or photos next to their automobiles. We really enjoy meeting all the attendees and car owners. Sometimes they even chase us down take for pictures and we always oblige and really enjoy it. It is so much fun to connect with fans!!

Yasmina Greco Pinup Rockabilly Model

I can’t wait to see your classic car show pictures, please share them with us!!