‘Tis the Season for Vintage Christmas Craft Fairs

Admit it, you love them, I love them, we all LOVE them…. Holiday Craft Fairs!! Weather you are a crafty crafter who is a vendor at the fair or just a shopper looking for gifts or just “ideas”, craft fairs are a lot of fun.

Who couldn’t use some extra money around the holidays and what a better way to generate some then by selling the items you craft all year. 2011’s  “Hot” selling craft items are below and if you can still secure a booth at your local fairs then you might want to consider selling your crafts. Booths can go from $50+ so do a bit of research so you learn if the fair is a one-day, two-day or multiple weekend event as well as find out how much advertising the fair has done and what their “general” attendance has been in the past so you can plan accordingly with your booth setup and product inventory.

Gift Items or Uniques? This is what you need to decide so you know what category your item(s) belong in as research shows that craft fair attendees are looking for either Unique items or Gift items.

iPad, iPod, iPhone and electronics holders, cases and carriers: In today’s electronics gadget crazy universe, accessories that are “unique” will sell.  Knitted cases and holders, recycled and up-cycled carries made from sweaters, vintage tablecloths and materials, natural fiber made carries and cases and of course the more bling and blinged out the carrier the more you will sell.

Hand made, hand decorated Christmas ornaments, If you can offer “personalizing” with the recipient’s name, even if it is an additional fee, people will go for it.  I have seen great booth displays with Christmas trees all setup and ornaments hanging off the branches….really sets the mood for fun and festivities and people waiting in lines for getting their ornaments personalized.

Jewelry – charms, earrings, pins & brooches, necklaces. Lots of people make jewelry these days and there is no accounting for the publics’ taste so, design and create what you are good at and display it nicely and surely your items will sell. I love seeing holiday related charms and pins and not always find these so it is nice to include some in the mix.

Hand-made soaps, bath salts, fudge, candies, jerkies, cookies, toffees, cakes, rum cakes, divinity etc.. will sell. Creatively packaged the items. (Find out in advance what the locations rules are on selling foods/edibles).

Children’s items sell well too! Also, they do not have to be wild and crazy. I have seen a lot of sellers at craft fairs selling “Kits for Kids” that consist of a little bags with some crayons, coloring sheets, card stock and stickers tied with a sweet holiday bow. Just think of how many kid friendly and fun kits you can put together and sell for $5-$10 a piece! How about doll clothes and Dog clothes? If you can take a vintage tablecloth, hankies, or sweaters and convert them into doll dresses and fido friendly doggie clothes then you will do really great. Lots of people look for pet gifts too at craft fairs.

Hand-made dolls: Primitive dolls are still in demand and if you are a creative person with good doll making skills then you can do really well with your primitive dolls and primitive Santa dolls, Gingerbread dolls, Snowman dolls, and Raggedy Anne dolls.

OK, don’t laugh, we have all seen it and think the same thing “you have got to be kidding”! You know what I am talking about “Snowman Poop”, “Reindeer Poop” , “Gingerbread Man Poop” etc… Put these together with a little bag, a corresponding poem on cute holiday cardstock with a sticker and some glitter, some dark colored candies and there is your novelty that will sell for $3-$4 a bag at least. The fancier the bag the higher the price. Find poems here for your Christmas Poop Bags.

Just remember that selling at a craft fair is hard work but also so much fun!!

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