Collecting Kitschy Cute Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

Do you love collecting kitschy-cute vintage salt and pepper shakers? I do too! Many people love to collect salt and pepper shakers and there are many different types that you can find at flea markets, antique shops, or online. This blog post is all about those irresistibly adorable salt and pepper shakers with tips on colleting different themes, buying and selling and how to find rare ones.

The fun thing about salt and pepper shakers is that they are usually small in size and can fit on your kitchen shelves, desk, windowsills, and right on your dining table so no matter how small of a space you live in, there is room for salt and pepper shakers and they not only fill the practical need of condiments but also provide decoration to your living space. 

Salt and pepper shaker collecting took off in the 1940s-1950s with the creation of ceramics and were being made in a variety of designs, shapes, and themes. Souvenir shakers were especially popular during this time frame as folks started taking to the roads in their Airstreams and Shasta trailers and could pick them up on their road trips at gas stations and rest stops. Shakers from this era were affordably manufactured and therefore affordable to purchase. Today, shakers come in a variety of materials from glass, wood, to metal, plastic and anything imaginable.

My salt and pepper shaker collection is primarily made up of anthropomorphic, animals and vintage Christmas shakers. My requirement is that they have to be cute and make me smile. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt so much and scour internet sites, antique shops, thrift stores and estate sales for rare and hard to find sets. I also enjoy the stories from the collectors themselves and learning what got them interested in collecting and how they found particular shakers. Collecting is also such a fun social activity as most collectors I have met love talking about their collections and sharing knowledge and information. 

Vintage PY Anthropomorphic Toothpaste Girls

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Vintage Christmas Wish List is Ready

Hmmm…. Lately many of the antique malls I have been visiting have started to put out holiday and Christmas decorations. Yes, it is still early for the holidays but it is not too early nor is it ever too early to have merchandise out for the holidays and Christmas as folks that are collectors are ALWAYS on the hunt for items to add to their collections. Also, I remember doing a post about a year or so ago when I was frustrated with the antiques and collectibles malls in my town really did not have much inventory or selection of items out or displayed in their booths for Christmas and the holidays so I sure hope things continue the way they are as I LOVE the holidays.

My “Wish List” for Christmas and Holiday Collectibles:

  • Vintage Spaghetti Santa’s
  • Vintage Napco Christmas Figurines and Shoppers
  • 1950s Santa and Mrs. Claus figurines
  • Vintage Santa, Angels, and Pixie figurines and ornaments
  • Gorgeous Lacquered Hand-Carved Russian Santa’s
  • Antique Belsnickel Santa’s
  • Vintage Holt Howard Christmas Collectibles
  • Vintage Josef  Originals Christmas Collectibles
  • Victorian Christmas Greeting Cards
  • Vintage Christmas Tablecloths and Tea Towels
  • Mercury Glass Ornaments
  • Vintage Snowman Christmas Figurines & Candle Holders

And lots more!!

Collecting Vintage Santa Claus Salt & Pepper Shakers

I absolutely adore 1950s vintage Christmas decorations and salt and pepper shakers. Pictured here are some of the adorable vintage Christmas Santa shakers from makers Holt Howard, Napco, and Lefton. Right now the pic of the vintage “Cowboy” Santa and Mrs. Claus salt and pepper shakers are so much fun with all their details of guns and cowboy hat.  I feel a “12 days of vintage Christmas”  collectibles series of posts on the way!! Click on pics to enlarge.

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