Campo Fina Pizza

Pizza Girl Pinup Healdsburg
Campo Fina Pizza Healdsburg

Pizza is a true staple of any Italian meal. But with all the options out there, how do you know which one to choose? Look no further than Campo Fina in Healdsburg, CA for some delicious pizza. Campo Fina is located in lovely Healdsburg, in Northern San Francisco. Healdsburg is a bougie tourist hot spot in wine country and it is great for people watching, lots of wine tasting opportunities, a delightful central square surrounded by shops, boutique hotels, and restaurants. At Campo Fina you can choose from multiple pizza toppings such as smoked pecorino, sautéed chard, Calabrian chili’s, spicy sausage or fennel sausage, smoked pork belly and more! This place is perfect for tourists looking to try something new on their trip to up to wine country.

Gary and I just wrapped an epic photoshoot and were looking for a late lunch/early dinner spot and decided to try Camp Fina. We had seen this back-alley eatery packed with a line on a couple of our trips to Healdsburg over the summer but today we decided to go and experience it. Campo Fina has a large covered back patio complete with a bar, wood-fired pizza oven and pizza prep shack with windows and you can watch Pizzaiolo stretching dough and making pizzas. There is even a bocce court. The tables are all made from reclaimed wood and the patio roof is covered with lush grape vines all over the top, so it gives the feeling of being in Italy in the summertime for alfresco dining.

We didn’t have a reservation but were seated right away. It was an incredibly hot day so we were happy to be in the shade with fans and a breeze blowing through. The staff was very efficient and attentive. We looked over the menu and could see they had a nice selection of antipasti, salads, pastas, and pizzas. Being the meat-eaters that we are, we ended up going with the Pizza North End that has mozzarella, fennel salami, spicy coppa, onions, peppers, arugula, and ended up replacing the onions, peppers, and arugula with pepperoni. We also ordered a Cesar salad to share and some Coca-Cola’s but learned that Campo Fina does not have traditional Coca-Cola but the “Italian style” Coca-Cola, so I ordered a diet and Gary ordered a regular. The drinks tasted actually really good, and Gary’s was made with real cane sugar….. just don’t find that anymore.

Salad came out and it was large and yummy. Even had large croutons with anchovy slices. Lettuce was very crispy too. As we waited for our pizza the Pizzaiolo was kept very busy with lots of pizza orders, and it was very interesting to watch how he made them. We stat right across from the wood-fired pizza oven and it was very hot!!

Our pizza was served, and we were ready. The first thing we noticed is the good amount of topping. There were char bubbles from the wood-fired oven, and it smelled delicious. As we started to eat the pizza we noticed the crust first and that the center was floppy, bot as crisp as we originally expected. The outer crust was firm and crispy just not the center. There was plenty of cheese too, but the pizza was not at all greasy, even with all the meats. Also, this pizza did not have any sauce but somehow it worked. All the meats and the cheese were very tasty and the coppa salami ad a nice spicy bite to it. We enjoyed the pizza and salad.

Campo Fina Healdsburg
Campo Fina Healdsburg

When you are in the mood for pizza, look no further than Campo Fina in Healdsburg. If you are looking for a delicious pizza with great ambiance to match, this is the place to go! Located in North San Francisco wine country, Healdsburg, CA.

Let’s rate Campo Fina on a scale of 1 (being lowest) to 5 (being highest): 

Style/Crust : Oven baked pizza – 3

Sauce: Basic red sauce –  0 (no sauce)

Toppings: 4.5

Taste: 3.5

Presentation: 3

Experience: Location/Staff: 4

All pics by my sweet hubby Gary Greco

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