The Best Holt-Howard Christmas Collectibles Insider Guide

Holt-Howard Starry Eyed Santa Salt and Pepper Shakers
Holt-Howard Starry Eyed Santa Salt and Pepper Shakers

In our exclusive, best Holt-Howard Christmas collectible insider guide, learn why these ceramics are so collectible and why prices are skyrocketing for these treasures. Holt-Howard’s vintage Christmas collectibles are renowned for their captivating charm and nostalgic allure, transporting us to a bygone era of festive celebrations. Join us in uncovering the stories behind these cherished pieces and learn how to build your own remarkable collection.

I have a blog post about collecting Holt-Howard Pixieware you can read that has information and some history about the Holt-Howard company and how it started, why they moved their ceramic manufacturing to Japan and has some neat pictures of the famous Holt-Howard Pixieware collectibles if you want to learn a little bit about the company.

Yasmina Greco collecting vintage Christmas

Last week we published post number 1 in our Vintage Christmas Collecting Series on collecting vintage NOEL sets and this week’s post is all about collecting Holt-Howard Christmas goodies so grab your favorite beverage, sit back and relax as I share some of my favorite Holt-Howard collectibles with you.

You can’t have Christmas without Santa Claus. Holt Howard has a couple variations on Santa from a winking Santa to a Starry-Eyed Santa. The Starry-Eyed Santa has always been incredibly collectible and highly desired by collectors but this year its popularity has dramatically increased and prices have skyrocketed. I have just started my collection of Starry-Eyed Santa pieces and here are the large dish and two smaller nut dishes or horderves plates.

Starry-Eyed Santa was introduced in 1959 and has so much Mid-Century Modern charm with his starburst eyes, whimsical beard and gold flecks, he exudes wonderful holly jolly and I can’t wait to grow my collection. The set features mugs, a pitcher, chip and dip tray, ashtray, salt and pepper shakers, candle holder and a candle holder trio. A recent Ebay auction on December 2, 2020 had a Holt-Howard Starry-Eyed Santa pitcher and four mugs set go for $535.00. A single mug can go for $150.00, and a pair of salt and pepper shakers for over $200.00. If you are out treasure hunting and spot a Holt-Howard Starry Eyed Santa piece you’d better snap it up!!

Holt-Howard Starry-Eyed Santa Dishes
Holt-Howard Starry-Eyed Santa Dishes
Holt-Howard Santa Candleholders
Holt-Howard Santa Stage Coach Candle Holders

Continuing with Holt-Howard Santa’s, how adorable are these candle holders. We’ve got a western themed Santa with his stagecoach and a pair of more traditional Santa’s with their sacks of gifts as the candle holder. So much detail on these pieces and they are full of bright holiday color. Another classic is the Holt-Howard winking Santa, and you can see his jolly face and big blue eye, the pitcher has a set of mugs to complete the set. 

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Holt-Howard Winking Sata Pitcher
Holt-Howard Winking Sata Pitcher

Angels are a favorite of mine to collect and Holt-Howard’s Ermine Angels are so lovely. The Ermine Angel set features candle holders, salt and pepper shakers and a planter. These angels have serene faces with eyes downcast, they wear snow-white robes with lots of spaghetti trim detailing that mimic ermine and they have gold sponged accents. Their faces are so pretty with rosy cheeks and long eyelashes and the set is very dainty and a great example of high quality 1950s ceramics. The Ermine Angel set is frequently available and pieces can be obtained in the $50-$75 range. 

Holt Howard Lil Salt and Lil Pepper Shakers
Holt Howard Lil Salt and Lil Pepper Shakers

A fun whimsical pair is the Holt Howard Lil Salt and Lil Pepper Shakers blue eyed candy cane kids. These have big blue eyes and make a wonderful addition to your holiday decor. These shakers are rare and hard to find, they can range in price from $150-$225. 

Holt-Howard Girl Candleholders
Holt-Howard Shopper Girl Candleholders

Among the most treasured pieces in my vintage Holt-Howard collection are the exquisite girl candleholders. These delightful shopper girls, adorned in festive red dresses with intricate spaghetti trim detailing, sport fluffy scarves and berets with whimsical pompoms. Balancing stacks of Christmas presents that double as candleholders, their captivating faces feature expressive blue-black eyes, long eyelashes, rosy cheeks, and vibrant red lips. As a rare and highly sought-after set, expect to invest $275-$325 in today’s market.

Should you encounter these elusive gems, be vigilant in inspecting for any damage to the necks, scarves, or packages and ensure the delicate spaghetti detailing remains intact. This unique find is truly a collector’s dream!

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About the Vintage Christmas Collecting Series: This six-part series of blog posts and pictures focuses on vintage and mid-mod Christmas collectibles from the late 1940s-1960s, giving you the insights on starting a collection with tips on prices and where to find these treasures as well as tips for adding to your collection and scoring the rare and hard-to-find pieces. Both new and seasoned collectors will learn new things so they can enjoy collecting vintage Christmas items year-round.

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If you found this post engaging and are considering embarking on your own journey to collect vintage Holt-Howard Santa’s, or simply wish to expand your existing collection, I’d be thrilled to help!

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