2021 Year-end Wrap Up

Yasmina Greco 2021 Highlights

As the year 2021 comes to a close, we take a look back at some of the biggest Pinup fashion, tech, and antiques and collectibles news stories, from the past twelve months. From must-have items of the season to game-changing technological advances, here are some of the highlights that defined 2021. Happy New Year!

2021 was a challenging year mixed with highs and lows. I went into 2021 thinking we no longer would need to wear masks but, COVID was not going anywhere anytime soon and even got worse with two variants emerging!! On a trip to visit my sister this past Fall I took every precaution to stay healthy and safe (Gary got me the neatest face shields that added even more protection) so flying in an airplane and walking through crowded airports I did feel safer.

Pinup fashion in 2021 seemed to be all about licensing deals with companies like the Care Bears, The Peanuts, Universal Monsters, Hello Kitty, Hasbro Gaming, Gremlins, and even Jaws, to name a few. I do love a good novelty print and 2021 had a lot of them!! On a personal front, hubby and I are entrepreneurs and have a few different businesses we run and one of them is our t-shirt line Crazy4MeStyle.com, we released a few new tee designs this year that did really well and that makes me so happy because people all over the world (we have customers all over the globe) wear our designs!!

Health wise 2021 was full of surprises for me. Out of the blue I needed to have my gallbladder removed and that was accompanied with some complications, and it took me longer than I thought to heal and feel better. I wasn’t able to do as many photoshoots as I wanted to and really had to prioritize the brand collaborations this year. I had an exercise regimen prior to surgery but I started doing some yoga via Apple’s health channel on Apple TV and I absolutely love it.

I also started getting into self-care in 2021 and am still learning what I like and what makes me feel relaxed and better but definitely on my list are bubble baths with aromatherapy salts and soaps, monthly deep-tissue massages, practicing manifesting, and reading positive mind-set books. I am eating better and having fun making smoothies with lots of fresh ingredients too. I even started meditating and use the Head Space app that I really think is great and has so many options for daily routines and you can also choose meditations depending on your needs at that moment.

Yasmina Greco September-December 2021 Highlights
Yasmina Greco September-December 2021 Highlights

We even started The Great San Francisco Pizza Tour of 2021 where Gary and I planned to eat our way through all the pizzerias in San Francisco and put a guide together of the best San Francisco pizza and although we did visit several and had a lot of yummy pizza along the way, we do look forward to continuing the tour into 2022 so stay tuned for more pizza reviews!!

Yasmina Greco December 2021 Vintage Christmas Holt Howard Collectibles
Yasmina Greco December 2021 Vintage Christmas Holt Howard Collectibles

The last set of photos are some of the ones you all (my readers) enjoyed the most from my vintage Christmas collecting series that I started in 2020 and carried into 2021 with my Holt Howard Christmas Collectibles and Price Guide: Starry Eyed Santa, and others. I also started the Vintage Kitschy Christmas (buy, sell, trade, or show-off) group on Facebook that grew (at the time of this post) to over 14,000 members and counting, wow!! So, some of the photos of the collectibles are from the Facebook group you all enjoyed. 2021 was such an incredible year for rare and almost extinct antiques and collectibles to surface in the collector market and along with that came sky-high prices!!

I am ready for 2022 and am getting very excited for new projects and things to come. I want to start sharing more about my day-to-day life in tech and playing with AR/VR like the Oculus headset (Gary got us one) and my new favorite games on the Nintendo Switch…. Yes, I am a big nerdy gamer (or at least trying to be because it is so much fun) and I think a lot of you will enjoy seeing that side of me. 2021 had some incredible technological advances with Apple’s new iPad minis and the M1 chip (I am having so much fun using my iPad and being incredibly productive) and I can practically do all my work on my iPhone 13 Pro Max without needing a notebook or desktop because of the new A15 Bionic chip (it is amazing!!)

I am actually incredibly interested in virtual reality and what can be done in the future with that kind of tech as well as augmented reality as it can enhance our real world with just a smartphone. Will we see smart glasses in 2022 from our favorite tech companies…… there are already some on the market like the Ray-Ban/Meta glasses, very intriguing.  So, I am looking forward to all the cool tech and toys coming in 2022. If you want to follow along and continue the discussion you can do that on my @yasminagrecoofficial account.

Thank you all so very much for sticking around and reading my posts, engaging in conversations and discussions, and saying hi over on my Instagram @Crazy4Me , hope you all have a wonderful New Year!!