The Cat’s Meow

Voodoo Vixen in Annabelle Blue Cat Yasmina Greco Lucy Mustard Cat Flared Skirt

It’s Fall time and I am out and about enjoying the season. I love Fall when the leaves turn colors and start to fall. There are still lots of plants and flowers in bloom too and it is such a pretty time of year.

Voodoo Vixen Fall Autumn Yasmina Greco

Voodoo Vixen Fall Autumn Yasmina Greco

It was such a pretty Fall day around the neighborhood and my outfit was perfect.  I am wearing the prettiest clothing by Voodoo Vixen made in the UK and my very first Voodoo Vixen cardigan in Annabelle Blue Cat that has a lovely black applique of a retro kitty cat and floral embroidery. I paired it with the beautiful Lucy Mustard Cat Flared Skirt with floral and cat kitsch print. The skirt also has the deepest pockets!! My cardigan is very soft and stretchy. It feels incredibly luxurious and has pretty floral buttons. I love how the cardigan is made for a curvy feminine figure hugging me in just the right places. The skirt is made of a nice weight cotton and really holds its shape beautifully.  I felt so chic and comfortable and could have worn this lovely outfit from breakfast to a midnight snack. I thought my vintage kitty cat purse and my teal blue shoes were the perfect accessory. My sweet hubby Gary took all the pictures and we had such a lovely day. Hope you are all enjoying the lovely Fall season.