Buyer BEWARE When Buying Online Auctions

Recently I have come across some really good buys online via one of the largest online auction sites and fell like I have been “had” each time now. Items arrived not as described and leave you feeling totally bummed out. I came across a vintage tobacco jar and it arrived with a huge crack right down the front. Today I received some salt and pepper shakers that were going into my personal collection and they were a set of two Napco anthropomorphic Apple shakers and Napco anthropomorphic Pear shakers and both have so many chips and dings on their collars and hats that the seller did not disclose. Also, a recent vanity item that too had cracks and chips. Really leaves the buyer feeling taken advantage of as you are expecting a perfect item since nothing in the description mentioned damage.

One of the downsides to buying online is that you cannot hold the item or inspect the item to know exactly what it is you are buying. Trying to buy from sellers with “high” positive feedback ratings online is supposed to be an indication of an honest seller with happy customers. The tobacco jar seller had ratings in the thousands and when I contacted them about the item and the damage they immediately apologized gave me a refund and did not ask for the item to be returned. The vanity seller apologized and offered for me to send the item back for a full refund. The Napco shaker seller basically let me know that they are not willing to work with me and its my fault for bidding on an item with a 99 cent start price as they would never sell something pristine starting at 99 cents. As a buyer you can open a dispute with PayPal regarding transactions.

Tips for buyers: Its important when you do buy online to do some basics like ask the seller item condition, question specifics especially if not provided in the description. Ask for more pictures especially if not sufficient photos are provided, look at the seller’s feedback and what other buyers are saying of their experience with the seller. Also, see what their return and refund policy is.  Hopefully some of these tips will keep you from being disappointed and “had” when your auction item arrives.