Luxurious Perfume Compacts

Estee Lauder Solid Perfume Compacts are a very sought after collectible – globally. You will find collectors in the USA and in Asia, the Middle East etc…  Estee Lauder Solid Perfume Compacts are true works of art! Highly skilled craftsmen craft many and they are exquisitely enamel detailed and jewel encrusted beauties. You can find these collectibles on the Internet, during the holidays at your local Estee Lauder fragrance counter though they are in limited quantities, antique shops and sometimes at flea markets and garage sales.

Collectors of these gorgeous perfume compacts are not just women as there are quite a few men out there that appreciate the details and beauty of these items. Collectors often have special little cabinets for their perfume compacts; some display them in glass-topped viewing tables, on their vanities, curio cabinets and wall-mounted shadow boxes.  Prices for the very collectible compacts are around $1,700 for the Imperial Princess Ivory compacted filled with Cinnabar perfume, the jewel encrusted Taj Mahal of India $500+, and the English Emblems United Kingdom perfume compacts designed exclusively for Harrods $1,200+.

Celebrity wedding cake couturier Sylvia Weinstock designed the beautiful Wedding Cake Estee Lauder Perfume Compact, Jay Strongwater designed some of the 2002 perfume compacts that were sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue stores, in the 1980s Debbie J. Palmer served as VP of Design for the Estee Lauder brand and designed many of the perfume compacts in the 80s as well as Bob Conte has been a primary designer of perfume compact since the 1990s. More than 700 perfume Compacts have been designed over the years and they are exhibited all over the world. The first perfume compact created is said to have been dark blue as this was Estee Lauder’s favorite color and was filled with the fragrance Youth Dew. Since world-renowned buildings have inspired 2006 designs as the Sidney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Italy’s leaning Pisa Tower. Fragrance inserted into the compacts tends to be Beautiful for wedding and pink themes, Pleasures for animal themes like puppies, White Linen for outdoor themes like boats and beach sand pail, and the Cameo compact usually always contain Youth Dew or Cinnabar. Wonderful website with lots of photos (some of which are displayed here) and information to visit is Solid Perfume.