Me and My Mom & Vintage Linens

Had a really great day hanging out with my mom. We are very close and always have been and the past few years have been tough as she lives in Portland, Oregon and my husband and I now live in the Dallas, Texas area so we only get to visit every couple months and it is her I have to thank for dragging me and my twin sister around antique shops and flea markets when we were kids as today I can’t imagine life without these joys!

Mom surprised me with some vintage finds; she had been to an estate sale a while back and amongst the items she found were a small collection of vintage anthropomorphic kitchen towels, vintage pink poodle dog linen hand towel, and a very cool vintage Calorie counting handkerchief. Mom knows I am obsessed with anything anthropomorphic though she never saw their appeal until recently as I am now rubbing off on her and she seems to have started to appreciate the joy I get from anthropomorphic collectibles and how cheery they make a room and brighten one’s mood, she says they are lots of fun.

The WLYS or world’s longest yard sale is nearly here and I am not fortunate to get to participate but sure do hope mom, my husband and I can join in the thrill of this amazing sale next year. I hear that shopping is a great way to form bonds and strengthen relationships..heheheheheh