Vintage PinUp Girl Christmas

PinUp Girl Ornament Blonde

No holiday would be complete without mention of the PinUp Girl. The “come back” of the Pin Up Girl can be attributed to the desire people seem to have with admiring “pretty girls”, “Hollywood’s-good-ol-days”, and the nostalgia of yester year, especially Christmas time, as all things Vintage and Retro are hotter than ever. We can also thank mainstream television with shows like L.A. Ink and Miami Ink as it seems a majority of the episodes showed men and women having PinUp Girl tattoos done on various parts of their bodies by the very talented tattoo artists these particular tattoo studios have and wearing PinUp Girl inspired clothing.

PinUp Girl Dark Hair Tshirt

There are many fans of the PinUp Girl and why not have a PinUp Girl Christmas. It would be neat to decorate a Chirstmas tree in the vintage theme of the WW2 PinUp Girl.  Look at these neat vintage themed PinUp Girl ornaments we found! These ornaments would make fabulous gifts for the collector of vintage PinUp Girl memorabilia. Details here.

PinUp Red Hair Ornament