Vintage Valentine’s Day Fashions and Collectibles from 1950s

Ah, the 1950s—a time of innocence and romance. The post-war prosperity of the 50s ushered in a new era of optimism and joy. What better way to celebrate this newfound sense of freedom than with vintage Valentine fashion and ceramic collectibles from the 1950s? Let’s take a look at some of the unique items that were popular during this heyday of style.

Valentine Fashion from the 1950s

Valentine’s Day was a very special occasion for couples in the 1950s. Women often chose to wear something extra special for their date; this could be anything from a dress to an accessory like gloves or jewelry. Dresses were typically made from light fabrics such as cotton, lace or chiffon, with floral prints or other romantic designs being especially popular. Women also often wore a crinoline skirt beneath their dress or petticoats for extra fullness. To complete their ensemble, women would often accessorize with pearls, colorful shoes, and hats adorned with feathers or flowers. As for men, they typically wore suits or sports jackets along with trousers, shirts and ties.

Yasmina Greco Pink Harlequin Pinup Girl Dress

Ceramic Collectibles from the 1950s

In addition to clothing, there were many ceramic collectibles available during this time period that made great Valentines gifts. These included everything from dinnerware sets featuring hearts and cupids to figurines depicting pretty ladies with hearts that were also planters made by Relpo, Napco and Lefton, love birds that are bluebird salt and pepper shakers with a red heart or dapper gentlemen with hearts. Many pieces featured vibrant colors such as pink, red and white which added to their charm and appeal. These pieces are now highly sought after by collectors who appreciate their nostalgia as well as their aesthetics.

From fashion to ceramics, it’s clear that Valentine’s Day was an important event during the 50s—and one that was celebrated with style! Whether you’re looking for vintage clothing or ceramic collectibles from this era, there is no shortage of options out there just waiting to be discovered. So why not get started today? With a little bit of luck, you might even find that perfect piece for your own collection! Happy hunting!