Expert Guide to Collecting Yum-EE-Yum Ceramics From the 50s-60s

Vintage Yum-EE-Yums Cookie Jars Jam Jars
Vintage Yum-EE-Yum Cookie Jars Jam Jars

Dive into the captivating world of Yum-EE-Yums the 50s-60s ultimate collectibles, where you’ll find the most adorable and elusive collectibles of all – Yum-EE-Yums! These charming little guys and gals are rare gems, with only a handful on the market. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure as we explore the ins and outs of collecting Yum-EE-Yum ceramics!

Yasmina’s Collection of Vintage Yum-Ee-Yum

These delightful vintage ceramics, featuring juice and milk glasses, pitchers, jam-n-jelly jars, salt and pepper shakers, cookie jars, and mugs, offer a fascinating and rewarding hobby for anyone passionate about retro kitchenware and collectibles. Crafted by the Japanese toy company Ray-Gee, these pieces were produced in the 1950s-1960s, which was also known for its popular Fujiya Candy line.

Collectors worldwide are smitten with Yum-EE-Yums, the kitschy ceramic series designed by artist Yoshitoku Arai, inspired by beloved Fujiya Candy characters like Peko Chan and Poko Chan. Their vibrant colors, adorable designs featuring boys and girls with playful red tongues sticking out – these ceramics will have you eager to collect them all!

Vintage Yum-Ee-Yums Collection
Yasmina’s Collection of Vintage Yum-Ee-Yum

From delightful milk and juice glasses to matching pitchers, western cowboy plates and egg cups, jam-n-jelly jars, biscuit barrels, and cookie jars, these high-quality ceramics from the 50s-60s have withstood the test of time. They’re durable enough for everyday use, but most collectors prefer to display them as nostalgic treasures that bring joy daily!

When collecting vintage Yum-EE-Yum ceramics, be mindful of their condition. Seek out items in original packaging or excellent condition with minimal wear and tear. You might also be interested in specific designs or colors.

Moreover, expand your collection to other items from the Fujiya Candy line, such as vintage candy tins and packaging, for an even more rewarding experience!

Yum-Ee-Yum pictures from Worthpoint

Overall, collecting vintage Yum-EE-Yum ceramics and other items from the Fujiya Candy line can be a fun and rewarding hobby for anyone interested in Japanese pop culture and vintage collectibles.

These charming and colorful items are a unique addition to any collection and are sure to bring joy and nostalgia to any collector’s home.

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