Holt Howard Pixieware Haven: The Best Tips for Collectors

Yasmina Greco with her Holt-Howard Jam ‘n Jelly Pixieware Jar and matching T-Shirt

Nothing sparks my interest in vintage kitchenware from the 1950s and 1960s quite like Holt Howard Pixieware. These delightful items, such as jam ‘n jelly jars with tiny tongues savoring the sweetness, instant coffee pixie jars, relish pixie jars, and the cheerful girl set, epitomize imaginative design. Manufacturers like Holt-Howard, Davar, Lefton, Lipper & Mann, Norcrest, Napco, and Menschik Goldman, to mention a few, showcased unparalleled creativity with their vibrant, quirky creations. Continue reading for my best tips becasue the fervor for collecting Pixieware as it remains strong and shows no signs of waning!

1958 Holt Howard Relish Pixieware Jar
Holt-Howard Relish Jar with Spoofy Spoon 1958
Holt-Howard Pixieware Condiment Jars
Holt-Howard Pixieware Condiment Jars

It was the Holt-Howard company that first began creating and selling the Pixieware collectibles back in 1958. The items were manufactured in Japan for affordability but they were made from high-quality ceramics that were then sold in the US as affordable giftware. It’s hard to believe that these amazing items were only produced for four years. But, Holt-Howard added many different pieces to their catalog that followed the same quirky and fun designs from Christmas items to their popular Red Rooster Coq Rouge, Cozy Kittens line, Jeeves the Butler, and many more.

There were many other manufacturers of the era that began to create their own versions of the Holt Howard Pixieware collectibles with slight modifications to their designs but ultimately replicated the Holt Howard pieces. Expect to pay in the $125+ range for Holt-Howard collectibles and there are some very rare and desirable Pixieware jars like the Honey pixie that will set you back $700+, the Mayonnaise pixie at $500+, and the Chili Sauce pixie at $650+. Condition of course is everything so mint condition and items that retain their original boxes will fetch much higher prices.

Menschik Goldman Pink Jam Jar Girl with Big Eyes

Some of my favorites are the Holt-Howard hamburger head Pixieware jar, the Cocktail Olives Pixieware jar, the Instant Coffee Pixieware jar, and these adorable Menschik Goldman big-eyed girls. The faces on all these with their individual expressions just put a smile on my face. They really were made to use everyday and add a touch of whimsy to your home. 

Tips for Collecting Pixieware

  1. Check the necks: The necks are incredibly fragile and many may have been reattached with glue so be sure to check for cracks or full breaks.
  2. The Spoofy Spoons: The Pixieware heads usually have a spoon attached that sits inside the jar. Because these jars were intended for use, the spoons may have been broken off so check for chips and cracks and full breaks on the neck of the spoons. 
  3. Holt-Howard Pixieware jars are usually stamped with the year and manufacturer name along with having a gold foil label. 
  4. Pixieware lids and mismatched bodies: Do your research to ensure your Pixieware jar has the correct lid and jar combo. You’d be surprised how many manufacturers produced jam jars but you don’t always find them with the correct Pixie lid. Usually the color of the stripes on the jar should match a portion of the Pixies head or neck. 
  5. Some sellers will tape the lid to the body of the jar. Be careful when removing the tape because it could remove some of the paint on the jar body. If purchasing via an online platform, ask the seller to use tape that will not remove the paint or better yet, request the lid and jar be packaged separately and this will help ensure damage to your item does not occur.
Holt-Howard Hamburger Mustard Pixieware Jar

Pixieware and these anthropomorphic kitchenware items are very collectible today and recently have been making an even bigger comeback so that means prices are on the rise. More common Holt-Howard Pixieware jars are the jam-n-jelly, mustard, and ketchup jars and you can still find these for $65-$85. But be prepared to spend $125+ for others in the series. Some of the other Pixie jars from Davar, Lipper & Mann, and Menschik Goldman will set you back $100+.

These days online platforms like Instagram and Facebook groups are great places to establish relationships with sellers and there are some incredible pieces offered for sale on these platforms, members also post photographs of their collections and many are swoon worthy!! Etsy and Ebay are always good places as well to find these treasures but remember to always do your research on the item (ensure the spoofy spoons are intact, the sellers have good ratings and feedback) so that your item arrives safely and you are happy with your purchase and experience.

Menschik Goldman Purple Relish Girl with Big Eyes

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Yasmina Greco with her Holt-Howard Relish & Jam ‘n Jelly Jar Pixieware Jars with matching Pixieware T-Shirt Charmers by Crazy4MeStyle

Style with a smile never looked so kitschy cute!!

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