What have I been up to you ask?

Yasmina Greco Crazy4Me

October is turning into a very exciting and busy month so I wanted to take a moment to catch-up with you all as I have been receiving  your questions and inquiries. First off, thanks so much for being such awesome  fans!! You’ve all been so supportive since I shared that I have embraced my inner Pinup Girl and brought her into the forefront by dressing in vintage inspired Pinup clothing and I have truly never received as many compliments nor felt so beautiful.

In June, thanks to my husband, I did a photoshoot. It was my first photoshoot and it was Pinup themed with matching Pinup makeup and a vintage hairstyle. I brought my own wardrobe to include skirts, dresses, and tops and yes, these are actual clothing items I wear each and everyday. I donated all my former clothing so the only items I wear when I step out of the house, go to work or hang around in on weekends are my vintage inspired Pinup clothing items.

The June photoshoot was an incredible experience. When the photos came back I shared a couple on Instagram and a few other social sites and could not believe the response they generated. I was shocked! Clothing manufacturers responded so possitvely and I am featured on a couple of their websites wearing their designs as well as a couple publications reached out for photosets to feature in their magazines. I am very excited as soon I will share details and post pics of me in a upcoming Fall/Autumn issue!!

I just wrapped another photoshoot earlier this week and am eagerly awaiting the proofs. This shoot was themed with lots of different outfits and some kitschy fun too as well as a holiday surprise. Stay tuned for more.

Also, I am working on some new talks as my passion is motivating and teaching others. For years I have been the voice behind a hugely successful online learning company and have led the direction of it from the types of classes to bringing subject matter experts and learners together and train thousands of people a week all around the globe. I look forward to taking my passion for teaching/motivating to a whole other level so, more to come on this as well.

I am heading to the big Portland antique show in a couple weeks and I am excited as I will get to see my twin sister and spend a little time with her and my nieces. I will try to post some Vine videos and pics but the internet connection at the show is notoriously horrible, but, I might manage a few any way.

The vineyards are starting to change colors up here in wine country California though it is still in the 90s!! The pic was taken not long ago at St. Francis winery and soon the leaves will all have fallen down and grapevines will be sticks until they start to bloom again in late May.

Hope all of you are doing well and staying busy!! The holidays will be upon us soon and I know many of you are crafting away and getting ready for holiday sales via your online antique/collectibles stores. Drop me a note via the contact me button, I love hearing from you all.