Vintage Collectibles and Collections – Display Ideas

I am looking for some creative and refreshing ways to display vintage collectibles and collections and of course Flickr is a GREAT resource for tons of photos. Here are few I found and thought you might all like them too!! I thought the idea of using vintage Coca Cola crates as display shelves was great and I also found a pic (sorry not posted) of someone who got super creative and used their childhood little red wagon for a shelf; they took off the wheels and inserted shelves and hung it on the wall and it is super cute. One individual also hung some vintage old vanity cases on their wall (they re-upholstered the interior and added shelves) and now it is a totally unique display and filled with their collections.  These photos are from: Pixie’sCotton Blue, Marusica’s, Kitschen Pink’s, Taramariee’s.