Collecting Vintage Josef Originals Figurines


About Josef Originals:

Josef Originals are designed by artist Muriel Joseph George who is the creator of Josef Orignals back in 1945. These figures are created with the utmost attention to authenticity, including the detailed ceramic construction and 24K gold paint for character accents. Cute animals, charming dolls, delightful Christmas characters.

Some of the more popular lines created by Muriel for Josef Originals:

  • Dolls of the Month Series–A doll for every month of the year
  • Days of the Week Series–Dolls for every day of the week
  • Little Pet Series–Children with pets
  • Birthday Girls Series–Dolls for every year from newborn to 21
  • Birthstone Dolls Series–Girls with dresses the same color as birthstones
  • Career Series–Showing careers such as teachers and nurses
  • All sorts of Christmas figurines

There is a story behind the name “Josef Originals.”

The name was supposed to be spelled “Joseph,” but the printer made a mistake on the first set of labels that were ordered. It was too late to change the labels. The orders were in and the ceramics had to be shipped. So, “Josef Originals” was born.

Today, Josef Originals figurines are gaining in popularity and prices are starting to go up. When you are looking for these figurines be sure that they retain their sticker labels and if they are birthday girls they should retain their poem tags….this makes their value higher. Ebay, Etsy, Antique Shops, Thrift Stores are where you can find these cuties. The doll figurines can be had for $14.99-$50 and the older figurines with black eyes and black labels can go as high as $75+. The Christmas figures too are going for approx. $45-$75 on average. How many Josef Originals do you have in your collection?