Collecting Vintage Bathing Beauty Figurines 1800s-1930s

My latest collecting craze is with these delicate and intriguing vintage bathing beauty figurines. The figures can date back to Victorian times though they were rather prominent collectibles in the 1920s and many were made in Germany from the late 1800s to the deco era into the 1930s and then many were ‘Made in Japan’ during WW1. Bathing beauties can be found wearing wigs, swimsuits, shoes, delicate clothing, no clothing – nude, as mermaids, and even holding parasols.  Prices are moderate at the moment and can range up to thousands of dollars depending on size, manufacturer, and country of origin with German made beauties commanding highest prices right now.  Here are a couple photos of Bathing Beauties from my recent trip to the Midway Antique Mall in Sacramento.

Here is a great resource with many photos on Bathing Beauties: Bawdy Bisques and Naughty Novelties