Flea Market Documentary – Pickers Paradise


Calling all junkers, thrifters, buyers, sellers, collectors, etc. I just watched “A Flea Market Documentary” and you must too!
This is a fabulous and entertaining documentary all about some of the TOP flea markets around the USA from Florida to California (Rose Bowl) Orange County, Texas (Canton, Monday Trade Days) to Washington State, and Kentucky to Massachusetts. You are a passenger riding along on this documentary road trip and get to go to these flea markets and the amazing 127 Corridor Rummage Sale or Worlds Longest Yard Sale! Sitting in the comfort of your own home you get a virtual experience by meeting the sellers and buyers at these flea markets. What a blast to experience it. The below pic is from a vendors booth at the sale; pretty neat!

The documentary is by Rick Seback and he does a tremendous job at capturing the “fever” the “magic” the “excitement” of flea markets. You meet the vendors who all seem to have an exceptional passion for selling at flea markets. Sure, you have your “whacky” and “business-minded” sellers and some make a really good living and some don’t but, they all say they have so much fun meeting new people and conversing with them that despite driving for hours for some of these vendors and setting up rain or sun shine as early as 4am they love what they do! Doesn’t seem much different for buyers. Many wait in lines as early as 2 days before the flea market opens and some even pay top-dollar for “early admission” and it is still dark but they come prepared with their flash lights, boxes, carts and trucks all bubbling over with eagerness to get inside and begin their treasure hunt! The documentary shows how buyers do not differ much from coast-to-coast and all will tell you how they love shopping at flea markets because everyone is friendly, it’s a great place to meet people, you are out doors, and you even get some exercise by walking and some of these markets are miles and miles long!
Rick also introducers the viewers to some of the characters that started these famous flea markets. Take the 127 Corridor Rummage Sale aka Worlds Longest Yard Sale – conceptualized by Mike Walker in 1987. Mike, a Fentress County executive, started this famous sale by wanting to rejuvenate the local economy by bringing in visitors along the interstate and less traveled areas between Tennessee and Kentucky. Today, August 2010 the 127 Corridor Sale spans 675 miles and covers 6 states!!  As a road trip traveler on this documentary you get to see miles of the sale and see exactly what its like and what is being sold etc.
Meet the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Swap Shop flea market founder Preston Henn. This is a zany market for sure!! The market is open 365 days a year, even open Christmas Day!! The Swap Shop opened in 1966 and was previously a drive-in movie theater. Entertainers perform in the food court, circus elephants walk the isles and concerts by famous acts perform on the stage– Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, and more. It is said that in 1990 more than 12 million people visited the Swap Shop.
If you are into flea markets, open-air markets, antiques and collectibles, you will enjoy this documentary. You see first-hand the flea market experience and get to share the emotion that these places evoke. Lots of color, lots of energy, art, food, diversity, antiques, collectibles, crafts, new stuff, outlet close out merchandise, farmers market produce etc. You see what “buying a piece of the past” is all about at the all American magical market; flea market. Get Your Flea Market DVD Here. You will love it!! A Flea Market Documentary.