My NEW TV Show!

I have been contacted several times in the past few months by casting directors for antiques and collectibles themed shows.  There are a lot of antiques and collectibles shows out there now as we all know American Pickers, Picker Sisters, Storage Wars, Auction Hunters, Antiques Roadshow, and good ol David Dickinson’s Bargain Hunt etc.. and the casting directors are telling me their “new” show’s twists where lots of the ideas behind the show is more of a “competition” or you get selected to be part of a group of folks that is given x-in cash and who can buy an item worth the most or a TV crew comes into your home and looks over all your amazing collections and collectibles and you talk about it all. Sometimes it sounds like fun and sometimes I am not sure. I am sure that I l have a real passion for antiques, collectibles, and vintage items and its that very passion that pushes me to learn as much as I can about these interests of mine. But, you never know so, keep your eyes on my website as I might just be appearing on one of these new “shows”.

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