Shopping San Francisco For Vintage Goodies

It took a drive into San Francisco this weekend and then some hunting through some of the most bizarre vintage shops (I will post later about the shops) but it turned out to be a good weekend for finding some lovely vintage goodies.  I am thrilled with this German made Royal Crown lady teapot, I have not see one like her before and think she is so charming and reminds me of the vintage half doll pincushions in a way. Anyone that knows me, knows I simply cannot pass anything up made by PY and this little cutie is made by PY and is a wall plaque/planter and she holds her peach and makes me smile. I am glad that some vendors are starting to put out some vintage Christmas collectibles and I was really fortunate to find these 1958 Holt Howard Pixie Girl Candleholders (complete set) and this 1950s Relpo Santa Claus planter…I just love the vintage Christmas decorations from the 50s. Did you go thrifting, junking, treasure hunting this weekend? What did you find? These vintage goodies are in our Crazy4Me shop.

All these vintage goodies can be found in our Crazy4Me store –