My Auction Item Arrived Broken

I was on one of the well-known online charity auction websites recently and won this vintage 1958 Holt Howard Noel Elf Girls Pixieware Candle Holder set and I was sooooo thrilled!  I was the high bidder and let me say that it was not an inexpensive win. This set is very rare and so fragile and I have won items in the past from this charity auction website that when arrived were not quite as described and had lots more damage and I vowed not to shop on the site anymore but, a few months later and bam – I got sucked into another auction. The little faces on these girls were simply irresistible; they have big eyes and long eyelashes. So I paid the fee and shipping too was so high on these girls but they were going to be for my private collection so no worries. Well, they were shipped quickly and arrived quickly and as I was unpacking them I could already tell they were not securely packaged so as I was un wrapping the girls the majority were wrapped in paper towels (I am serious and not joking that they were actually wrapped in paper towels) the “N” survived, the “O” survived, the “E” survived and the final one I unwrapped the “L” had her little head broken off….. I was sooooooooo heart broken! My husband looked at me and shook his head, he felt bad for me and when he found out how much I paid agreed with me to never ever ever buy from that charity auction website again.

Many of you already know that we are eBay Power Sellers and sell on many online places and we specialize in vintage and antique collectibles and hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to our items, item descriptions, item packaging and customer service and immediately handle fairly any customer issues that might arise as we do the right thing, but, I have sent emails and left messages for this charity auction website and no one is even getting back to me. One of the main differences of shopping online vs. buying in person is that you can see the item first hand, touch it and hold it and look it over really well to make a decision if you want to purchase it or not and when buying online it is super important for sellers to be honest about the items, the item description and to make sure the item arrives safely to the buyer but, it appears not all online sellers hold themselves to our standards. Now, I guess I will have to search for ‘L” figurine.