Tony’s Pizza Napoletana: The Best Pizza in San Francisco

Tony's Pizza Napoletana San Francisco
Tony’s Pizza Napoletana San Francisco

For today’s post on our The Great San Francisco Pizza Tour of 2021 we are going to try Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco’s Little Italy located in the North Beach neighborhood. Tony’s is a spot that we wanted to try a year ago but were too hungry to wait an hour in line with so many other Italian eateries and pizzerias around. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana’s claim to fame is chef and owner Tony Gemignani who you might remember from the Food Network and Travel Channel as winning the pizza throwing championships and pizza making competitions around the world. But, was it all just hype and marketing about making the best pizza in San Francisco, or are his pizzas really that good to have people waiting in hour long lines regularly. We were about to find out. 

Tony's Pizza Napoletana San Francisco Little Italy
Tony’s Pizza Napoletana San Francisco Little Italy

It was a beautiful sunny day but it was super windy and cold. No problem for us, we brought warm jackets and our appetites and knew we’d soon be full of pizza and that would keep us warm from the inside out. We walked over to Tony’s Pizza Napoletana and already there was a line. San Francisco is now permitting very limited in-door dining as well as out-door dining because of COVID and Tony’s has a lot of out-door booths (that have plexiglass partitions to separate diners). All the out-door booths were full but we felt pretty good when it was our turn and the waiter took us to a table for four around the corner. There were plenty of out-door heaters so we sat down and used the QRCode to look up the menu.

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