Get out of those PJs! 5 Tips for Working from Home

It’s no longer business as usual for most of us as we enter what will now be our new normal for weeks and possibly months ahead. I’ll be putting together tips and resources to help keep you moving forward with your jobs and businesses, pulling from my experiences and sharing what has worked for me, as now is not the time to pause. My Crazy4MeTips goal is to arm you with what you need so you can thrive and not just survive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

About me: I’ve been working in corporate America as a women in tech for most of my career and my specialty is leadership and leading globally distributed teams to serve customers in many time zones. I’ve lived through and navigated though economic depressions where companies were shutting down and colleagues were lined up receiving pink slips so I know first hand how scary it can be, what can work and how to pivot in times of crisis and uncertainty and know it is absolutely 100% possible to thrive during a crisis and not just survive.

Disclaimer: I am not here giving business advise but sharing what I have learned from my personal experiences and if it can help or benefit you then I am very glad.

In this post I will cover 5 tips to get you working from home:

  • Equipment
  • Workspace setup
  • Getting ready for your day
  • Check-ins
  • Benefits from working at home

1. Your Work from Home Setup

Many of you may have never worked from home full-time and were recently told your place of business is now closed and everyone should work from home as a response to the Corona virus and practicing social distancing. But, are you setup to work from home?

  • Equipment: Do you have the equipment you need to work from home?
  • Laptops/desktops/monitors
  • Access to online collaboration tools and apps
  • Internet bandwidth (is yours adequate for your job function)
  • Headsets or In-ear speakers
  • Telephone

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