Golightly’s Antiques and Tearoom

Road trip about to begin (details will follow soon) and wouldn’t you know it, the day before I leave town there is one stop I have to make and it is to Golightly’s Antiques and Tearoom. We have tried 3 times to go to this shop and each time it has been closed. But not today, today it is open and welcomes me inside!

From the front it is a cute little brick slightly colonial looking shop on a very busy street. Walking inside you immediately are struck with this shop not really being an antique shop but it is totally shabby chic and designed incredibly well and items are displayed amazingly. You immediately notice the glazed and painted walls, the incredible way items are merchandized and that it has an upstairs with the most interesting painted leopard print runner – Genius!

The smartly dressed ladies at the front counter are friendly and welcome me inside and ask if they can help me find anything special. There are another 2 or 3 women shopping and the store had been open for around 30 min. I start walking around. The walls are all glazed and might even be textured and the shop is all done in sepia and cream tones. There is a vast amount of painted furniture; lots of painted hutches, cabinets, display racks and shelves, painted chairs and lots of upholstery in pretty fabrics and animal print. Decorative lamps and chandeliers hang everywhere. Each room belongs to a vendor but they tie the theme of the store together so it all flows beautifully. Walls have stencils, old images and black and white photos glazed on them as well as stenciled chandeliers with actual jewels added.  Creativity is everywhere in this shop!

You won’t find many antiques at Golightly’s Antiques and Tearoom or even many vintage collectibles but you will find lots of repurposed, altered and handmade items, home decor and lots of stenciled pillows, burlap pillows and table runners, old silverware, fabric, beds, cabinets, tables, and chairs, wall decorations and dishes. I thought items were priced fairly…some high and some just right. The lighting is on the darker side but you can still see what needs to be seen as items are displayed really well.

I passed a ladies room and men’s room that had the doors opened and looked like full bathrooms with tubs that were decorated just as nicely as the shop and smelled pleasant. The tea room was not open (still early in the morning I guess) but I was able to look inside and it has a shabby chic country vibe that was not too frilly or fancy but pretty and functional. The entire shop gives one a pleasant sense and you really do enjoy your time there.

What a lovely way to end my nearly 6 year stay in Texas! Details to follow shortly of the new adventure that awaits us so please visit soon.

Golightly’s Antiques and Tearoom
5505 Davis Boulevard
North Richland Hills, Texas