Sonoma Wine Country Flea Market & Antiques

It was a whirlwind of a weekend! Circumstances brought us to beautiful Sebastopol in Sonoma County with lush vineyards and gorgeous landscapes in Northern California. Once “business” was handled, we were able to drive around a little and enjoy the quaint town of Sebastopol. There must have been 5-7 Antique shops in this little town!! The locals are so friendly and you see many signs that say “natural”, “organic”, and “farm fresh”. We ate more whole wheat, grains, and organic veggies in one weekend then we have the entire time we have been in Texas! Texas is full of steak, Tex-Mex , and fried foods and you need to go and search for organic and healthy foods as they are not readily served in restaurants.

It was rather early in the morning as we were heading out and saw a “Flea Market” sign so I had my husband turn a sharp right into the parking lot. The flea market was just getting setup so there were not many vendors ready for business yet. We did see lots of fresh herbs and plants being sold as well as the usual flea market items of socks, shirts, and toys. It appeared the flea market was year-round and it looked like there was room for a lot of vendor booths/tables so it probably gets busy later in the morning.

As we were leaving Sebastopol to head into San Francisco we noticed one of the antique shops was just opening so we pulled into Windmill Antiques.  The owner was such a friendly lady from Louisiana and had been living in Sebastopol for 16 years. Her shop was cute; she had lots of collectibles, teacups, kitchen goodies, Pyrex, and miniature dollhouse furniture. She was so nice and let us go inside and shop early as her shop was not open for another hour. I bought a super cute vintage 1950s Norcrest poodle dog cotton ball holder that will look fabulous as part of a vintage vanity set.

Our day ended in Little Italy in San Francisco enjoying a cappuccino and cannoli!